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Home Knowledge Center What Makes a PC an Industrial Computer

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What Makes a PC an Industrial Computer

If you start with the motherboard, differences may not be too noticeable but don’t be fooled; from the solid state military-grade sealed capacitors to the waterproof sealed i/o ports, this is one tough piece of machinery. Let’s forget about the guts of this beast and focus on it’s beauty; a brushed 8th inch stainless steel housing with an IP65/66 sealed waterproof front bezel. Besides providing strength to help classify this computer as an industrial grade pc, the stainless steel body provides a surface that naturally has antimicrobial properties; making this a safe choice for a multi use environment.

Teguar stainless steel industrial computer on adjustable standWith a fanless, solid state and low power computer you will benefit from a zero-maintenance configuration; that means no dust to blow out and no CPU fan to fail, ever! We supercharge the Industrial Panel PC with the latest intel CPUs, fast solid state drives and reliable DDR memory with EEC options.

This is not your average touch screen panel pc, the touchscreen is tough and unlike most smart devices it is compatible with gloves, high pressure touches and moisture, without the risk of break or mis-input. Stress testing, burning-in and reliability is important to industrial environments where reliability matters. The process to make an industrial computer involves rigorous research and development and in depth testing. Our U.S.- Based support is here to back up our machines and customize any solution you may require for your industrial computer needs.