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Home Knowledge Center The Industrial Mini PC Series: Redefining Power, Reliability, and Space Optimization

Product Announcements

The Industrial Mini PC Series: Redefining Power, Reliability, and Space Optimization

Teguar’s box PCs combine power and compactness, making them true powerhouses in small packages. These devices are specifically designed for situations where space is limited, yet computer access is essential. With Teguar’s diverse range of box PCs, there is a perfect solution available to meet every need.

The Industrial Mini PC Series introduces a new standard of power and reliability in the world of industrial computing. Designed to excel in demanding environments, these compact and rugged machines offer exceptional performance and seamless operation.

Tb-4845 Series

Strong Processing Power

At the core of the TB-4845 is the Intel Celeron J6413 CPU, delivering a significant performance boost compared to its predecessor. This translates into faster multitasking, improved responsiveness, and enhanced overall computing capabilities. This also allows for Windows 11 compatibility, so users can enjoy the advanced features and user-friendly interface that the operating system offers.

Compact Solution

Both the TB-4845-POE and the TB-4845-DIN include a reliable DIN rail mounting solution. This secure mounting mechanism ensures stability and versatility, making the TB-4845 suitable for a wide range of applications where optimizing space is crucial.

Another reason this Mini PC is a great choice for industrial computing needs in limited spaces is because it withstands harsh conditions. Its fanless design ensures silent operation, while the wide operating temperature range enables smooth functionality even in extreme environments where heat, dust, or machine vibrations pose challenges to consumer-grade computers.

Inputs and Outputs

The TB-4845 provides ample connectivity options. With multiple USB ports, peripheral devices connect effortlessly. LAN ports are features for network connectivity and COM ports for serial communication requirements.

With visual outputs, the TB-4845 offers flexibility and compatibility with its HDMI and VGA video outputs. Users can connect the device to different monitors or displays, accommodating both high-definition multimedia content and traditional VGA displays.

TB-4845-DIN Front Angle 2

Test out a TB-4845 Today!

The Industrial Mini PC Series has remarkable processing capabilities, seamless Windows 11 compatibility, rugged design, and versatile connectivity options. Whether it's in factories, manufacturing plants, or industrial control systems, the TB-4845 stands out as a reliable and efficient computing solution.

To learn more about the TB-4845, contact one of our product specialists today by calling +1 800 870 7715 or contacting us online.

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