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Home Knowledge Center Introducing the TB-5913: Teguar’s Powerful and Versatile Industrial Embedded Box PC

Product Announcements

Introducing the TB-5913: Teguar’s Powerful and Versatile Industrial Embedded Box PC

The range of box PCs offered by Teguar encompasses various form factors, processing capabilities, and connectivity options. They provide compact and space-saving designs suitable for tight spaces, as well as larger, expandable models that can accommodate additional components or peripherals.

Teguar’s latest box PC, the TB-5913 Industrial Embedded Box PC, meets the most demanding requirements of industrial applications. This high-performance solution brings together power, space efficiency, and versatility in a slim yet robust package.

Two sides of the Teguar TB-5913 embedded box PC, showing off all of the inputs and outputs

Strong Processing Power

At the heart of the TB-5913 lies the Intel™ 11th Generation Core i5 CPU, ensuring exceptional processing capabilities and performance. With this advanced processor, users can seamlessly multitask, process data faster, and experience enhanced system responsiveness.

Despite its small chassis, this deceptively compact computer packs a powerful punch, delivering the performance needed for even the most challenging industrial environments.

Windows 11

To complement its impressive processing power, the TB-5913 comes with Windows 11 capabilities. This latest operating system enhances the user experience with its intuitive interface and improved security features. With Windows 11, you can take full advantage of the strength of the Intel Core i5 CPU, delivering enhanced productivity and peace of mind.

Embedded Box PC Versatility

The compact and space-saving design of the TB-5913 makes it a perfect fit for installations with limited room. Whether you have a cramped factory floor or a space-constrained control room, this device effortlessly integrates into your industrial environment, optimizing workspace utilization without compromising on performance. Say goodbye to bulky computers and welcome a sleek solution that maximizes efficiency!

TB-5913 with wall mount installed

Besides its compactness, the TB-5913 is equipped with VESA and wall mounting capability, so you have the freedom to choose the optimal positioning for your specific environment. This box PC ensures seamless integration into diverse industrial settings.


With abundant inputs are outputs, including USB 3.2 ports, USB-C connectors, HDMI outputs, LAN ports, and Audio Line In/Out, this box PC provides versatile connectivity options.

The 12-24V DC power input and included external AC-to-DC power supply ensure reliable power delivery for uninterrupted operation in harsh industrial conditions.

Test out a TB-5913 Today!

The TB-5913 Industrial Embedded Box PC is the embodiment of power, efficiency, and adaptability. If you need a reliable computing solution for manufacturing, automation, or any other industrial application, this compact device is ready to exceed your expectations.

To learn more about the TB-5913, contact one of our product specialists today by calling +1 800 870 7715 or contacting us online.

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Get expert advice, request a call

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