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Home Knowledge Center New Rugged Tablet Series Introduced

Product Announcements

New Rugged Tablet Series Introduced

Teguar TRT-4380-12 rugged tabletTeguar is showcasing new rugged tablets which will add convenience and mobility to your operations. Available in 8”10” and 12”, these durable devices are IP65 rated and comply with MIL-STD-810. The fanless TRT-4380 series can survive drops of up to four feet, as well as harsh vibration. The tablets are ideal for work in vehicles or in the field due to their industrial components.

The units come equipped with wireless, Bluetooth, 3G LTE, and GPS. If you need to send field data or information but don’t have WiFi, the cellular capabilities will allow you to do so. The optional modules add usability as well. The 1D/2D barcode scanner, RFID scanner, and fingerprint reader allow users the ability to perform on the go. There is also an optional docking station that has extra USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port to charge the tablet when it is not in use.

With the battery operating time at 8 hours, a full day’s work is possible without needing to charge or change the battery. The tablets are extremely durable, with anti-scratch touchscreen glass that is very difficult to crack, which is helpful when they are being handled by many different people. They can withstand dust, dirt, and splashes of water or rain without failing or damage to the internal components. Their wide operating temperature ensures the tablets can be used in any environment safely, giving your facility’s computing options extreme versatility.

The TRT-4380 series is ideal for use in environments like the military, outdoors, warehouses, vehicles, and emergency response teams. These tablets are tough and can survive and thrive in harsh conditions. To learn more about these devices and our rugged tablet offerings, contact Teguar.