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Teguar makes your tablet dream come true

If you have dreamed of a ruggedized Tablet PC: light, easily portable, waterproof, dustproof but able to run the commonly used operating system Windows, your dreams have come true. The TMT-Pad from Teguar PC provides high standard CPU for maximum performance which is important for everyday professional work. Yes, Teguar’s 9.7” TMT-Pad PC brings fantasy to life!

Not only in the consumer market, but also in the industrial and medical field the trend of tablet computers is growing quickly. Teguar’s industrial and medical Tablet PC supports Windows Embedded 7 operating system and will support the yet to be released Windows 8. The Teguar TMT-Pad provides an alternative solution for those who fall between general consumer and extremely rugged applications especially in industrial and medical environments.

Compared with a consumer Tablet PC, the TMT-Pad is IP54 certified which makes it resistant against dust and water splash, plus is rated for a 4ft. drop without causing any damage to it. Both these features support the higher environmental requirement in commercial and medical use. For those users who do not need higher rugged standard like military standard, the 9.7” rugged Tablet is much lighter and portable than traditional rugged Tablet PC. Moreover, the TMT-Pad is approved by Europe’s Medical Certification EN60601-1-1 & EN60601-1-2 which makes it the perfect mobile clinical assistant in the medical field.

Made for professional work, the TMT-Pad utilizes Windows Embedded 7 on an Intel Atom N2600 dual core processor. Wireless devices including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional 3G and GPS make communication with others possible and easy. In terms of I/O, in addition to basic micro-in/ line-out, the 9.7” TPC includes one USB and one port for LAN or HDMI. Also, there is one programmable function key that can be flexible for a user’s demands.

Various rugged tablet applications


Teguar offers several accessories for the TMT-Pad to fulfill different field applications such as education, logistic, retail, medical, commercial and public work. For example, school teachers can utilize is as a teaching tool during class with the capacitive stylus allowing them to interact freely with their students.

And thanks to the EN60601-1-1&EN60601-1-2 certification doctor and nurses can read patients’ record via the 9.7” device without interfering electrically with the many other devices used in the medical field.

Tablet PC applications

The TMT-PAD, a ruggedized Tablet PC is now available. For more information please contact Teguar sales team at Sales@Teguar.com, call 1 800 870 7715 or visit the Teguar website at https://teguar.com/