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Home Knowledge Center Explore Teguar’s Newest Medical Computer Series 

Product Announcements

Explore Teguar’s Newest Medical Computer Series 

Teguar provides a diverse array of medical computers, each tailored to specific needs. Some feature backup batteries for mobility on medical carts, while others boast antimicrobial housing and advanced cameras for telemedicine. Certain models even carry medical certifications, ensuring electronic safety during patient interactions. Enter Teguar's latest TM-7110F series, meticulously designed for hospital surgery rooms, medical imaging, radiograph rooms, and beyond, delivering robust performance wherever high-powered devices are required. Let us dive into its remarkable features. 

Accelerating Healthcare Innovation with Ai Support 

The TM-7110F series is engineered to support AI acceleration with an MXM module, a key feature that stands at the forefront of medical computing. This capability ensures that the device can handle computationally intensive tasks, such as medical imaging and diagnostics, with unprecedented efficiency. The integration of Ai technology not only enhances the speed and accuracy of medical analyses but also paves the way for new possibilities in personalized medicine and patient care. 

Meeting Stringent Medical Compliancy Standards

Adherence to medical compliancy standards is key in medical device production. The TM-7110F series complies with the 60601-1-2 ED4.1 certification, affirming its reliability and safety for use in patient-centric environments.  

This compliancy ensures that the device meets the required electromagnetic compatibility for medical equipment, crucial for maintaining the integrity of medical data and the operational stability of other nearby medical devices. 

Isolated I/O Ports for Advanced Medical Applications

A distinguishing feature of the TM-7110F series is its isolated I/O ports, designed to mitigate the risk of electrical interference and ensure the safety of both the device and the patient. This design consideration makes the TM-7110F series particularly well-suited for high-stakes applications such as hospital surgery rooms and medical imaging. The isolation of these ports helps to prevent any potential disruptions or inaccuracies in critical medical procedures, ensuring a higher level of precision and reliability. 

Test out a TM-7110F Today!

Teguar's Medical PC is an invaluable investment for staying ahead of future trends. As AI continues to gain prominence, having technology that can seamlessly support it becomes crucial, particularly within the medical industry where innovation is so important. 

If you are interested in learning more about the TM-7110F, contact one of our product specialists today by calling + +1 866 943 5294 or contacting us online.

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