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Home Medical PCs | TM-7110F Series

Medical PCs | TM-7110F Series

Medical PC Series three medical computers

About the Series

Introducing the TM–7110F series – sleek and sophisticated medical computers engineered to handle the most demanding medical tasks. Powered by an Intel 13th Generation Core i5 CPU, it offers robust performance for diverse applications. AI acceleration support enhances task execution by swiftly and efficiently processing complex operations. Ready for Windows 11, it ensures seamless compatibility and futureproofing. The Medical PC series also offers a medical computer necessity: optional isolated I/O ports. These isolated ports prevent potential threats like electrical interference. Available in three screen sizes, the TM-7110F series caters to varied needs without compromise, providing flexibility and adaptability. Whether in healthcare, research, or enterprise, the TM-7110F Series sets a new standard for reliability, performance, and user satisfaction.

Key Series Features

  • 19” to 24” Touch Screen Sizes
  • Intel 13th Generation Core i5 CPU
  • Medically Compliant with 60601-1-2 ED4.1
  • AI Acceleration Support via DDR5
  • Optional Isolated I/O Ports
  • Windows 11 Ready
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Series Features

Medically Compliant

The Medical PC series is medically compliant with the 60601-1-2 ED4.1 standard, ensuring compliance with strict safety and performance requirements for medical equipment. This certification guarantees safety in critical healthcare environments, providing peace of mind to medical professionals and patients alike.

AI Acceleration Support

The TM-7110F's AI acceleration support revolutionizes medical workflows by quickly analyzing vast datasets, aiding diagnosis, treatment planning, and research. In the medical field, where time and accuracy are critical, leveraging AI enhances efficiency, enables personalized care, and unlocks insights for better patient outcomes, making it indispensable.

TM-7110F medical imaging
Windows 11

The Medical PC Series offers seamless integration with Windows 11, ensuring compatibility with the latest software advancements. This upgrade enhances user experience, security, and performance, providing a modern computing environment tailored to the needs of medical professionals.

Powerful CPU

This series runs in the powerful Intel 13th Generation Core i5 CPU. With this advanced processor at its core, the TM-7110F effortlessly handles complex medical applications, ensuring seamless performance and swift execution of tasks critical for healthcare professionals.

TM-7110F Windows 11
Isolated I/O Ports

Isolated I/O ports are indispensable for medical computers used in surgery or operating rooms. These ports safeguard sensitive medical data and equipment from potential threats. By providing physical and electrical separation between internal components and external devices, these ports ensure unparalleled security and reliability, meeting the stringent privacy and safety requirements of medical environments. Ask about Optional Isolated I/O upgrades.

Expansion Slots

The TM-7110F Series offers extensive expandability with MXM expansion and PCIe x4 slots, providing flexibility for customization and future upgrades. This advanced feature set allows users to integrate additional hardware components, such as graphic cards or specialized modules, enhancing the system's capabilities to meet evolving medical demands with ease.

TM-7110F Medical PC series IOs

Products in this Series

Model TM-7110-19F

19" Medical PC

  • 19” Touch Screen
  • Intel 13th Generation Core i5 CPU
  • Medically Compliant with 60601-1-2 ED4.1
Model TM-7110-22F

22" Medical PC

  • 21.5” Touch Screen
  • Intel 13th Generation Core i5 CPU
  • Medically Compliant with 60601-1-2 ED4.1
Model TM-7110-24F

24" Medical PC

  • 23.5” Touch Screen
  • Intel 13th Generation Core i5 CPU
  • Medically Compliant with 60601-1-2 ED4.1

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