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Home Knowledge Center A Closer Look at Teguar’s Newest Industrial Display Series

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A Closer Look at Teguar’s Newest Industrial Display Series

Industrial displays offer multiple features to consider. Will it withstand harsh environments and require a waterproof rating? Do you need vibrant visuals to showcase your menu brightly? Are specific inputs necessary to integrate with your existing solutions? 

Fortunately, Teguar provides a range of display options, including their latest addition: the Industrial Display Screens Series. This economical solution ensures exceptional visuals without compromising performance.

The Industrial Display Screens Series

The TD-40 Series from Teguar marks a significant leap forward in display screen technology, tailored for the demanding needs of the manufacturing sector. Available in three versatile size options ranging from 12 to 22 inches, this series is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of industrial applications without compromising on visual quality or performance.

Revolutionary Connectivity: USB-C and HDMI Options

This series is equipped with USB-C, offering a seamless, single-cable solution for power, video, and data transmission. This forward-thinking approach not only simplifies the setup and integration of display screens into existing systems but also significantly reduces cable clutter, thereby enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of the workspace.  

TD-40-22 Labeled IOs

For facilities where USB-C technology is not yet fully integrated, these units also include HDMI connectivity as a versatile backup option, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment. 

Economic Advantage without Compromising Performance

TD-40 With Stand

Despite its array of advanced features and capabilities, the TD-40 has been positioned as a low-cost display option. This strategic pricing model makes high-quality visual technology accessible to more, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to leverage the same level of display performance as their larger counterparts. 

The Industrial Display Screens series revolutionizes display functionality. Whether it's for a POS system, interactive display, or kiosk computer, the TD-40 offers an ideal solution that remains cost-effective. 

To know more, explore the detailed specifications, and understand how the TD-40 can enhance your enterprise, visit our website or contact our product specialists.  

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