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Home Industrial Display Screens | TD-40 Series

Industrial Display Screens | TD-40 Series

Industrial Display Screen Series TD-40

About the Series

The Industrial Display Screens series from Teguar comes in three different size options ranging from 12” - 22”. This low-cost display option gives users access to high-quality visuals without compromising on performance. Its innovative 2-piece modular design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, ensuring seamless integration into any workspace. Utilizing USB-C connectivity, it effortlessly harnesses video, power, and touch capabilities from the connected device, streamlining connectivity and reducing clutter. By being VESA mountable, it offers versatile placement options, adapting to diverse environments with ease. The TD-40 series redefines the standards of efficiency and convenience in display solutions.

Key Series Features

  • Screen Sizes ranging from 12” - 22”
  • 2-Piece Modular Design
  • VESA Mountable
  • USB and HDMI
  • Stand Accessory Available
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Series Features


The TD-40 series simplifies connectivity with USB-C, enabling transmission of video, power, and touch signals from the connected device. This versatile feature streamlines setup and minimizes cable clutter, enhancing user convenience and adaptability in diverse environments.


In addition to the USB-C, the Industrial Display Screens series offers HDMI cable compatibility as a reliable backup option, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in case USB-C is unavailable. This redundancy feature enhances reliability and flexibility, providing users with peace of mind knowing they have a dependable backup solution at their disposal.

TD-40-16 Labeled I/Os
2-Piece Modular Design

By having a two-piece modular design, the TD-40 series simplifies setup and servicing, allowing components to be easily replaced or upgraded without disrupting the entire display system.

Low Cost Display Option

This series stands out as a cost-effective display solution, offering exceptional value without compromising on quality. Catering to budget-conscious consumers, it provides access to high-performance visuals at an affordable price point. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking premium display capabilities without breaking the bank.

TD-40 With Stand
VESA Mountable

The VESA mountable design of the TD-40 series enhances versatility, allowing easy integration into various setups. Compatible with standard VESA mounts, it offers flexible placement options, whether on walls, desks, or articulated arms. This feature maximizes space utilization and ergonomic adaptability.

Accessory Available

The TD-40 series provides the convenience of an optional stand accessory, offering users an alternative display setup. This accessory enhances adaptability to different environments and preferences, providing users with the flexibility to choose the most suitable configuration for their workspace or usage scenario.

TD-40 Modular Design

Products in this Series

Model TD-40-22

22" Industrial Display Screen

  • 21.5" Touchscreen Display
  • USB and HDMI Connectivity Options
  • VESA Mountable
Model TD-40-12

12" Industrial Display Screen

  • 12" Touchscreen Display
  • USB and HDMI Connectivity Options
  • VESA Mountable
Model TD-40-16

16" Industrial Display Screen

  • 15.6" Touchscreen Display
  • USB and HDMI Connectivity Options
  • VESA Mountable

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