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Teguar computers are used in almost any setting outside of an office, including manufacturing lines, clean rooms, public kiosks, hospitals, vehicles, and much more. These environments are tough on computers and increase their likelihood of early failure. Computer failure is costly, not only to repair or replace the computer, but it also may bring essential business processes to a halt.

Teguar provides computers that you can build your business on. We can say this because we ensure that our customers have the best computer hardware in place for their environments and system requirements. Our computers are built to last, often for up to 10 years, but what exactly is it that makes them “built to last,” even in the toughest environments? In this blog, a few people who work at Teguar explain what makes a computer “built to last.” 


Designed for Your Environment 

It’s crucial that your computer is actually designed for the environment you’ll be placing it in. Chris Ealahan, Senior Sales Executive at Teguar, has placed Teguar computers into some of the most demanding environments and says:

“It may sound obvious, but we see a lot of people using the wrong computer hardware for their environment: manufacturers with consumer grade computers on their production line or field service technicians with cracked iPads. One of the first things we ask is ‘what is your environment like?’ If it’s outdoors, you need a wide operating temperature. If you’re mounting the computer onto a machine, you need vibration and shock protection. Wet environment? The computer should be completely sealed. We ask a lot of questions; the better we can understand your environment, the better we can guide your computer hardware choice, and the longer your computer will last.” 


Long Product Life Cycle

Bryce Keeney, Teguar CTO, emphasizes the product lifecycle and long term availability:

Product Lifecycle

"You can’t expect 5+ years of performance from a deployment of computers with a 2 year lifecycle. Consumer grade computers are, as the name implies, on a consumer roadmap, meaning they will only be sold and supported for a couple of years. Industrial and medical grade computers are on an embedded roadmap and are usually supported for at least 10 years. Good examples of this are Teguar’s TP-5010, TM-5010 and TS-5010 Series, which will be sold and supported until 2030. This longevity of product also allows our engineering team to focus on making a great product instead of always worrying about what the next revision will be. Long term availability and support means you can fit our computers into your system and continue to purchase them from us, unchanged, for years, as your business grows.

If your computer gets damaged or even fails, there’s not much you can do if the company who sold you that computer no longer supports that model. If you want consistent computer deployments for 5+ years, you need to choose a computer on the embedded roadmap that will be supported for the foreseeable future.”



Adaptability to Hardware and Software Changes 

Since consumer grade computers are on the consumer roadmap, they usually have very limited ability to adapt and change. Jacob Valdez, Teguar Sales Manager, explains:

“After nine years in existence, Teguar is starting to see our customers return to us saying they are ready to upgrade. In many cases, they’re happy with their computers, but need a newer operating system to run their updated software or an extra I/O to attach a new device to the computer. What is great about many of our computers is that they are able to accommodate these changes. For example, PCIe slots allow users to expand the computer’s I/Os, graphics capabilities or memory.

It can be difficult to predict what you may need in the future and many customers only want to pay for what they need now. With the adaptability of industrial and medical grade computers, you may not need to replace the entire computer when you’re ready for an upgrade. This means you’re able to use the computer long past 5 years.”


Service and Support 

Service and Repair in Charlotte, NCWhile it’s not physically part of the computer, having good service and support is a vital component, if you want your computer to last 5+ years. Rich Pikul, the Technical Service Manager at Teguar, explains how Teguar’s Technical Service Department keeps our computers in commission for 5+ years:

“We have several people at Teguar who are dedicated to answering customer questions and helping customers troubleshoot. Our Sales Team is also very knowledgeable about our products and can help their clients with some technical issues. Often times, we can help the customer fix the problem over the phone, which gets their computer back up and running quickly and can prevent further damage to the computer. When an in-house repair is needed, our service and repair time is very quick, particularly for our US based clients, with our Customer Returns Department in Charlotte, NC.

Knowing they have fast, reliable service inclines our customers to hold onto their computers for a little longer than otherwise. Having reliable service can keep their computers running longer.”



Trustworthy Computer Provider 

When you choose a medical or industrial computer provider, you’re trusting that provider to deliver a computer that will run applications that are business essential, complex, demanding, timesaving and even lifesaving. You don’t want to place this trust in a company that may not be around in a couple years. This is what happened to one of our rugged tablet clients, who bought over 50 rugged tablets from a company that went out of business just a couple years later. The client switched to Teguar because he was assured that we’ll be here for him when he needs us.

At Teguar, our Quality Management System is a large part of our day-to-day operations and it ensures we deliver reliable products, on time, and provide excellent support and service. Anand Mark, Quality Engineer & Manager at Teguar, says:

“Our customers trust us to deliver computers that will perform in crucial settings and last for years. Our Quality Management System enhances our ability to do that. Teguar is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, that is to say, we have successfully implemented our processes in adherence to the criteria set in the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We set and monitor our quality objectives to constantly measure and improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and in due course, Teguar will transition to the next edition of ISO 9001.”

Teguar is growing quickly, steadily and responsibly. The company was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America for the fourth year. Teguar computers can be found in over 50 countries and our client list includes fortune 500 companies and household names. When it comes to industrial and medical computer hardware, choose a reputable, trustworthy supplier.




If you want to learn more about Teguar's industrial and medical computer lifecycles, our Quality Management System or our Techincal support process, contact us today.



About the Authors:

Christopher Ealahan is a Senior Sales Executive at Teguar Computers.  Chris loves all things rugged, including computers and the great outdoors. He frequently works with Fortune 500 companies to deploy and support the best computing solutions on their factory floors.

Bryce Keeney currently serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Teguar Corporation. He has a degree in Technology Management from Missouri State University and has worked in IT and Computer Hardware for 9 years. Bryce likes to take a holistic approach when consulting with clients, knowing that the answer could be a very simple mechanical issue or complicated software deployment. Bryce enjoys most things tech, but also can leave it all behind for the great outdoors.

Jacob Valdez has more than 15 years of account management experience, 7 of these years in the industrial and medical computer hardware field. He enjoys consulting with clients, frequently in the Fortune 500, to find the right and best solution for medical hardware needs. Currently, Jacob is a Sales Manager at Teguar Computers and is responsible for helping his team bring excellence to the B2B computer hardware world. Outside of the awesome world of Teguar, Jacob enjoys writing, mountain bike riding and good music.

Richard Pikul is the Technical Service Manager at Teguar and is a certified Project Management Professional. He has 9 years of experience managing technical support teams and over 20 years in the technical support field. Rich oversees the day-to day operations of Teguar’s Technical Support, Customer Returns, Shipping/Receiving and Order Fulfillment Departments. Excelling in the day-to-day to achieve long-term goals is his joy. 

Anand Mark serves as a Quality Engineer & Manager at Teguar. He holds a MS in Engineering Management from UNC Charlotte and is experienced in leading lean six sigma and supply chain improvement projects. Currently, Anand collaborates with various teams at Teguar to set and improve processes. As a former high school teacher, Anand has acquired a passion for mentoring students and young adults. He enjoys playing soccer, volleyball and interacting with people from different cultures and nationalities.