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Home Knowledge Center Choosing the Best Clean Room Computer

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Choosing the Best Clean Room Computer

Technician using clean room computer with the text Clean Room Computing SolutionsThe clean room is one of the most difficult environments for computers to perform at their peak efficiency. To ensure that a clean room maintains its required levels of cleanliness, industry professionals must go to extreme lengths to control contaminants in their clean room environments.

As a result of standard contamination control measures, you need a computing solution that can stand up to the rigors of clean room maintenance activities and will allow for easy cleaning of the device.

Clean room computers should:

  1. Have as few hinges or grooves as possible, to limit where contaminants can collect.  
  2. Resist environmental contaminants such as aerosol particles, chemical vapors, dust particles, and airborne microbes.
  3. Be capable of withstanding industrial-grade cleaning solutions. 
  4. Not have fans or ventilation slots, which may circulate electrical dust contaminants.
  5. Have a touch screen that allows for data entry while wearing proper clean room garments.
  6. Carry an environmental rating of at least IP65.

Most computing solutions are not well suited for such demanding levels of operation, but Teguar's clean room computer solutions offer superior value and performance in even the toughest of clean room environments!

Check out the links below to view the most popular Teguar clean room solutions:

Reach Out to the Clean Room Computer Experts

Reach Out to the Clean Room Computer Experts

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