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Home Knowledge Center Waterproof PCs Play a Crucial Role in Food and Beverage Automation

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Waterproof PCs Play a Crucial Role in Food and Beverage Automation

The rising costs food manufacturers experienced over the past few years, and the resulting pressure from consumers and retailers to reduce price increases, have focused manufacturers on cost management strategies. Trade publications like Food Engineering predict continuous improvement that impacts costs and profitability will remain one of the industry’s top priorities.

Manufacturers are turning to technology to help optimize operations. Automation is one application that more and more food manufacturers are adopting, especially in light of the ongoing labor shortage. It streamlines processes, reduces labor costs, and increases efficiency and consistency.

Food processors can stay competitive by maximizing production with technology created specifically for the food and beverage industry. The key is enlisting the right partner with the right solutions.

Built for food manufacturers’ unique conditions

Teguar’s solutions help food manufacturers create seamless, efficient processes, monitor quality control, and comply with industry regulations. Our rugged and durable manufacturing equipment can enhance productivity and ensure you continue creating superior products for your customers.

Designed for demanding environments, Teguar’s food processing automation computers are fully sealed, waterproof, industrial touchscreen PCs that support ERP software and data collection. We build each unit to handle extreme temperatures and high-pressure water sprays. They can be safely cleaned and sanitized with boiling water, disinfectants, and industry-standard detergents.

Stainless Steel PC with Cable Gland | TSC-5010-15

Our food processing PCs meet IP65K, IP66, IP67 or IP69 ratings. The stainless-steel exterior is groove and hinge-free, making it easy to clean. The shatter and crack resistant touchscreen allows users to enter and access data while wearing industry-standard gloves.

Teguar’s solutions deliver:

  • Hygienic Design
    • Materials meet stringent cleanliness standards
  • High-Performance Processing
    • Fast data analysis and real-time decision-making
  • Customizable Options
    • Tailored for diverse food processing applications needs
  • Automation System Compatibility
    • Seamless integration
  • Reliable in Harsh Environments
    • Designed for long-term food processing use

The waterproof touchscreen PCs are available in a range of sizes—from 10” to 22”.  Powered by Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or Atom/Celeron CPUs, each PC is easily incorporated into your existing IT systems. External ports can be adapted for ethernet, WLAN connectivity, and more. Waterproof cable sets, power supplies, and connectors maintain the waterproof feature.

The best PCs for food and beverage automation

We customize our innovative, integrated solutions to meet your specific requirements. The design team builds the perfect PC for each project using our wide range of in-stock units, which can be delivered in weeks. Teguar understands the importance of long-term relationships and is committed to long-lifecycle support, including the long-term availability of all components for all our computers.

Explore Teguar’s waterproof computer options

Need help choosing a waterproof touchscreen computer? Check out our guide.

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Let's talk about your project.

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