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Home Knowledge Center Teguar’s New Stainless Steel Panel PC is your Ideal Waterproof Computer

Product Announcements

Teguar’s New Stainless Steel Panel PC is your Ideal Waterproof Computer

Teguar has been in the waterproof computer industry for over ten years. These units are built for tough environments where waterjets or strong chemicals are used for cleaning. Teguar’s newest Stainless Steel Panel PC series is ideal for industrial applications with repeated cleanings in washdown environments, like food processing, pharmaceutical processing, clean room manufacturing and more.

Fully Waterproof Rated

To be able to thrive in those aforementioned environments, the TS-4810 series needs to be fully waterproof. These panel PCs boast both IP66 and IP69K Ingress Protection ratings, meaning it is fully waterproof and perfect for places where strong jets are present. When they get dirty, you are able to clean them easily with water and not be concerned about damaging the internals.

A major concern when dealing with computers and water together is keeping the inputs and outputs dry. Luckily, the TS-4810 has M12 metal waterproof connectors to ensure no moisture will get into the unit. These connectors are durable and can be easily be connected in the field with no tools. When it's time for a washdown, the I/O connectors and power supply can stay plugged in. There is no need to unplug or cover the computer with a bag!

ts-4810 waterproof

Windows 11 Capable

Looking inside of the unit, it is powered by an Intel Celeron J6412 CPU. This Celeron processor is an upgrade from previous generations and is actually Windows 11 compatible. By having computers with Windows 11 already programmed in, you are helping your organization get ahead of the curve by allowing you to adapt Windows 11 capable hardware early.

Due to Teguar’s quality industrial components, the TS-4810 series is made to last for years on end. Even with constant moisture exposure and other rugged elements, these computers can stand the test of time. Teguar longevity support for 5-7 years is available to accommodate the durability of the hardware.

Test out a TS-4810 Today!

The Stainless Steel Panel PC Series are built for tough environments and are made to last. If you need a waterproof computer with simple computing power, this unit is for you!

If you're interested in trying out a TS-4810, contact our product specialists for more details by calling (800) 870-7715 or contacting us online.

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