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Home Stainless Steel Panel PC | TS-4810 Series

Stainless Steel Panel PC | TS-4810 Series

ts-4810 series

About the Series

The Stainless Steel Panel PC Series is ideal for industrial applications with repeated cleanings in washdown environments. The housing of the TS-4810 is fully sealed and made with corrosion-proof stainless steel. Inside, the computer contains industrial grade components and an Intel Celeron J6412 CPU, which is Windows 11 compatible. The computers have downward facing I/Os that serve to protect the M12 I/O ports from damage, as they are less likely to get hit during the workflow of a production floor. This I/O design also allows for flush mounting to walls.

Key Series Features

  • Available in screen sizes 15”, 19” and 22”
  • Fanless and Fully Sealed Design
  • Intel Celeron J6412 Processor
  • Windows 11 Capabilities
  • Waterproof connectors and Power Supply
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Series Features

IP66 and IP69K with Optional IP67

The TS-4810 series is IP66 and IP69K rated, meaning it can handle high-temperature, high-pressure water jets from all angles. When they get dirty, you are able to clean them easily with water and not be concerned about damaging the internals. This series is at home in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and meat processing use waterjet spray as sanitation. These computers are fully waterproof, even down to the M12 I/O connectors.

Waterproof Connectors and Power Supply

Maintaining durable and waterproof connections are just as important as keeping the computer impervious to particles and water. These connectors are durable and can be easily be connected in the field with no tools. The computer can be pressure washed with the I/O connectors and power supply plugged in. No need to unplug or cover the computer with a bag.

TS-4810 Waterproof Connectors
Various Processors, Same Chassis

Teguar’s TS-4810 Series has the same housing as our TS-4510 and TS-5610 Series. This allows your users to stay familiar with Teguar product and gives you a consistent look in your plant, even if you have varying CPU needs. The upgraded Intel Celeron J6412 CPU in the TS-4810 series has better computing power compared to the previous TS-4510 model.

Windows 11 Capabilities

By outfitting the TS-4810 series with the Intel Celeron J6412, these stainless steel units are all capable of running the Windows 11 operating system upon request. The TS-4810 Stainless Steel Panel PC Series will help your organization get ahead of the curve by allowing you to adapt Windows 11 capable hardware early. Even if you are not ready for Windows 11 now, purchasing hardware that can support it in the future, when you are ready to make to move, will prevent headaches and the need to upgrade later.

ts-4810 windows 11
Full Flat Resistive or Pcap Touchscreen

This Stainless Steel Panel PC Series has the option of either a resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen. Resistive touchscreens are reactive to many different objects, including any type of glove, as long as sufficient pressure is applied. The projected capacitive option enables a multi-point touchscreen experience. Most food and beverage manufacturers prefer a 5-wire resistive touchscreen.

Longevity and Support

Due to Teguar’s quality industrial components, the TS-4810 series is made to last for years on end. There is no need for protective or waterproof cases, or to cover the unit during washdown as they are built to stand up to the abuses of the field for 5+ years. Teguar longevity parts and technical support for 5-7 years is available to accommodate this durability of the hardware.

ts-4810 mounted

The TS-4810 Series is equipped with M.2 Solid State Drives (SSD) storage option. This is a small form factor storage that enables high-performance storage in thin, compact devices. The M.2 SSD allows for the TS-4810 to operate at high speeds and gives you the flexibility to choose multiple storage configurations.

Smart Antenna Design

In an industrial environment, standard screw on WiFi antennas can easily break off and then can be a source of water ingress. Teguar created a solution that is only half an inch tall with angled corners to deflect any damage. These antennas are completely sealed which prevents any potential leaks. Teguar provides you with the best WiFi design solution in the industry.


Products in this Series

Model TS-4810-15

15" Stainless Steel Panel PC

  • 15” Waterproof Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron J6412 CPU with Windows 11 Capabilities
  • IP66 / IP69K Rated
Model TS-4810-19

19" Stainless Steel Panel PC

  • 19” Full-Flat Touchscreen
  • IP66 / IP69K Rated
  • Intel Celeron J6412 CPU with Windows 11 Capabilities
Model TS-4810-22

22" Stainless Steel Panel PC

  • 21.5” Full-Flat Touchscreen
  • Waterproof Connectors and Power Supply
  • Intel Celeron J6412 CPU with Windows 11 Capabilities

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