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Home Knowledge Center IP69K Panel PCs from Teguar


IP69K Panel PCs from Teguar

Teguar’s waterproof computers are built for tough environments where waterjets or strong chemicals are used for cleaning. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings classifies the amount of protection a device has against intrusion of foreign objects that could damage it, cause it to fail, or even become unsafe. IP ratings are laid out with two digits, IPXX. The first digit reflects the protection against solids, and the second digit reflects protection against liquids. IP69K computers have complete protection against dust and close range, high temperature and high-pressure waterjets.

If you are looking for an IP69K Panel PC, check out our wide selection of them here:

Model TS-2945-17

17" Waterproof All-in-One PC

  • 17" Full Flush LCD Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron N2930 CPU with SoC
  • IP66 Rated, Fully Sealed, Fanless Design
Model TS-4010-15

15" Waterproof Computer

  • 15" 4:3 Ratio Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor
  • IP66 / IP69K / NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Enclosure
Model TS-4010-19

19" Stainless Steel Waterproof PC

  • 19" 5:4 Ratio Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor
  • NEMA 4X / IP66 / IP69K Stainless Steel Enclosure
Model TSC-4010-19

19" Stainless Steel PC with Sealed Cable Gland

  • 19" Resistive or P-Cap Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron Processor
  • Sealed I/O Conduit for Standard Cables
Model TSC-4010-22

22" Waterproof PC with Sealed Cable Feedthrough

  • 21.5" LCD Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU
  • Sealed Cable Gland for I/O Connections
Model TS-2945-12

12" Waterproof All-in-One PC

  • 12.1" TFT-LCD Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron N2930 CPU
  • IP66 Waterproof Rated (Optional IP69K)
Model TS-4510-15

15” IP69K Computer

  • 15” Waterproof Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake J3455 Celeron CPU
  • Highly Durable Stainless Steel Bezel
Model TS-4510-22

22” IP66 Computer

  • 21.5” Resistive or Pcap Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake J3455 Processor
  • Widescreen 1920 x 1080 HD Display
Model TS-5610-19

19" Stainless Steel Core i Computer

  • 19" 5:4 Ratio Touchscreen
  • 8th Gen Intel Whiskey Lake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
  • Flat Wireless WiFi/BT Antenna
Model TS-5610-22

22" Stainless Steel Core i Computer

  • Windows 11 Compatible
  • 8th Gen Intel Whiskey Lake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
  • 21.8" Full HD Resolution Touchscreen
Model TS-5645-15

15" Stainless Steel HMI

  • 15” LCD TFT touchscreen display
  • Fanless cooling system
  • Intel 8th Generation Core i3 CPU
Model TS-5645-16

16" Stainless Steel HMI

  • 15.6” LCD TFT touchscreen display
  • Intel 8th Generation Core i3 CPU
  • Fanless cooling system

About IP Ratings

IP Ratings are an important part when choosing the right computer for your project. The IP rating a computer requires depends on the industry in which it will be used and the application. You must put careful thought into what environment the computer will be placed to make sure that it will operate reliably. If your industry requires computers to be thoroughly washdown, cleaned, or exposed to the elements, you should put some thought into what IP rating your computer needs to be.

All of Teguar's computers are rated IP65 or higher. They are ready to be placed and run reliably in many extreme environments. If your industry requires heavy washdowns and cleaning, you may need to look into an IP69k Panel PC.

The Right Waterproof Computer For your Project

There are numerous industries that require computers to be able to withstand certain elements. Teguar product experts can recommend the correct IP rated computer for your specific project. Contact us today!

Need an IP69K Computer?

Need an IP69K Computer?

Enter your name and a convenient contact number or email address and a Teguar account manager will reach out to walk you through our entire catalog of IP69K Computers.

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