Rugged Tablet PCs

Rugged Tablet PCs

Manufactured to withstand a variety of industrial and environmental challenges, Teguar's line of rugged tablets can take drops, spills, bumps, and wide temperature ranges. With a variety of connectivity options, Intel® processors and hot-swappable batteries, our units provide you with mobile computing solutions that can be taken nearly anywhere. They are made to endure the abuses and requirements your job demands without sacrificing performance.

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Shock Resistant

On the shop floor, computers are subject to drops, bumps, shocks, and spills during the work day. This is especially true for shared tablets since they are passed around and handled by more people. Teguar’s rugged tablets have drop ratings from three to five feet to concrete. Some have been MIL-STD-810 and M516.5 certified, which means they can handle more hazardous conditions like with the military, police, or off road vehicle use.

Durable Internal Components

Unlike regular tablets claiming to be rugged by using a “tough” enclosure, Teguar’s ruggedized tablets are designed with industrial grade components that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The touchscreens are made with glass stronger than that of consumer grade products, so they can survive accidental impacts and falls and won’t crack easily.

Ergonomic Designs and Mounting Options

Teguar’s rugged tablets are made to be held all the time during use. They are designed with rubberized edging for ease of gripping, and many have a handle or a strap to simplify transport. Special lockable clamps can be placed in vehicles, making them ideal for forklift or other industrial vehicle use. Standard VESA mounts have a variety of options like POS and temporary arm mounts.

Application Specific Designs

Whatever difficult environments you have in your work facility, Teguar’s tablets are up for the challenge. They are designed to be used in places like the energy industry, logistics, military, and marine environments. The tablets are made with alloy housings and are rated up to IP67, so they can be dropped, sprayed with water, exposed to vibration, and left outdoors while still working reliably. Contact Teguar to learn more about using rugged tablets for your application.