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Medical Computer Puts User Experience First

Product Spotlight New UX First Medical Computer
Teguar introduces the TM-4010-15P with user first (UX) features

Charlotte, NC - Teguar Computers, a leading manufacturer of medical grade computers, is bringing a new medical computer to market with unique user-first features made specifically for patients and healthcare professionals. The TM-4010-15P design goes beyond OS and software requirements in the hardware. The medical computer has several features designed specifically to enhance the user experience.

Jacob Valdez, Account Manager with Teguar Computers commented about the product release this fall. He said “I am excited to offer my clients such a unique product. The TP-4010-15P has been designed in a way that truly puts the user experience first. The engineering is for people, not just for programs.

There are three main users that the TM-4010-15P is designed for; patients, medical professionals, and HIT (Health Information Technology) professionals.

Teguar TM-4010-15P touch screen medical computerPatient’s interactions with Teguar’s new medical computer are enhanced through safety, privacy, and wellness environment features. The 4KV isolation option provides patient protection. When the TM-4010-15P medical computer is connected to medical equipment used directly on a patient, 4KV isolation protects against voltage surges that could disrupt life dependent medical devices. This feature also ensures clear signal communication of monitored information.  As with most medical computers, the TM-4010-15P has EN/UL 60601 certification which also ensures that no electric shock carries through to the patient.

Patient privacy is built into the TM-4010-15P through a few features. A hotkey on the front of the computer disables the webcam, and a mute button is included to disable speakers/mic as well. While it is simple for IT professionals to disable webcams and microphones through on-screen settings, the hotkey design of the TM-4010-15P is made to give peace of mind to patients and doctors. Knowing that cameras and mics are not enabled when not desired reduces anxiety. Data security is another major aspect of ensuring patient privacy. The TPM installed in the hardware brings privacy through protecting information from being stolen or tampered with by outside hackers. 

Patient wellness features are built into the housing of the computer. The fanless design and rounded corners provide a literal and figurative noise-free aesthetic. Also, the rounded design with a full flat front is easily and quickly cleaned while giving very few crevices for dust and debris to live in. As with many Teguar medical computers, the TM-3010-15P has an anti-bacterial coating which prevents the spread of diseases.

These details make a difference in a healing environment. Features matter for a superb user experience. The creators of the TM-4010-15P have worked to create a user-centric medical computer platform. 

For medical professionals, the specialized screen features aspire to provide a seamless user experience. The projective capacitive (P-Cap) touch screen on the TM-4010-15P is designed specifically for hospital setting use. All P-Cap screens run on a small human electrical current and normally have to be used with skin directly to screen. The TM-4010-15P P-Cap screen is extra sensitive so it can be used with up to four layers of medical gloves. This allows for easy use in settings where aseptic technique is required. The screen is also designed to work with ten touch points. This enables full physical interaction with software programmed for human hand interaction and use of the zoom in/out feature for better visual acuity on medical image displays.

Health information technology specialist are not left out of the user-first equation. The TM-4010-15P medical computer has features which are versatile and can adapt to new technologies. An optional expansion slot is included so the computer is adjustable to changing demands of programs and applications. Also, a programmable function key is included and designed for an information technology specialist to tailor it to end-use application.

Overall, the TM-4010-15P provides a very reliable platform with the Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU and up to 8GB RAM. As with all Teguar Computers, there are custom options available to fit the ideal end use and server communication environment. For more information about the TM-4010-15P medical grade computer, contact Teguar sales team at Sales@teguar.com.