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Home Knowledge Center New TP-5045 Industrial Panel PCs with Skylake Core i3/i5 CPUs have Significant Upgrades

Product Announcements

New TP-5045 Industrial Panel PCs with Skylake Core i3/i5 CPUs have Significant Upgrades

Teguar has released a new line of industrial touchscreen computers, based on the latest Intel 6th generation Skylake Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs.  The new TP-5045 touchscreen panel PCs offer significant performance improvements over previous generation models and include new configuration options like PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and sunlight readable high brightness LCDs.  The TP-5045 series industrial panel PCs are available in LCD screen sizes ranging from 12.1” all the way up to 32”. These panel PCs include a full flat IP66 front bezel for liquid and dust protection when panel mounted into an enclosure, while the thin profile and sleek design also make them a perfect solution for VESA mount settings.

Two sizes of the Teguar TP-5045 touchscreen panel seriesThe highlights of the series are with the smaller sizes, which are PoE optional and the largest 32” size. TP-5045 series 32” screen size is an impressive combination of processing power with a brilliant and sharp display.  Jonathan Taylor, Teguar Service Technician, commented that “The thirty-two-inch size allows for simultaneous monitoring of multiple applications. The large screen can serve as an interactive interface for people to monitor from afar, or it can be a single work station that replaces multiple smaller screens running several programs. In this situation, ordering one large screen that can carry a hefty processing load would present a cost-savings in the long run.”

The 12” and 15” TP-5045 series panel PCs can be configured with a PoE Gigabit LAN power input, eliminating the need for an external power adapter.  Power Over Ethernet simplifies installations as it reduces cabling requirements where AC or DC power is not present.  For applications in direct sunlight or high ambient light, the TP-5045 touchscreen computers can be equipped with a 1000 nit sunlight readable LCD, enhancing the screen viewability.  Optical bonding is also available on these models to further enhance LCD appearance.

The TP-5045 panel PCs can be equipped with either a projected capacitive touchscreen or a resistive touchscreen. This makes them a versatile solution for applications that require multi-touch functionality as well as traditional applications where users may be wearing gloves.  The unique thermal design and a die cast aluminum enclosure allows for a wide operating temperature range of 0~50C. This is ideal for harsh high temperature environments, while the fanless chassis prevents contamination from dust found typically in factory settings.

The TP-5045 panel PCs achieve performance improvements through the use of the latest CPU technologies and data interfaces.  The new Intel 6th Generation (Skylake) processors include the latest microarchitecture with 14nm lithography and support for vPro technology. VPro technology enhances security and remote management efficiency.  DDR4 2133MHz memory is used to improve memory performance and can be expanded up to 16GB for the most demanding applications.  When equipped with a solid-state drive, industrial applications take advantage of the full bandwidth of the SATA 3 interface provided by the TP-5045 industrial computers.

Teguar has a proven track record of supporting our customers’ migration paths by offering drop in replacement solutions. Upgrades for some users will be easy as the TP-5045 series computers maintain the same bezel and cutout dimensions as the previous generation TP-3045 series and TP-2945 series models. This allows users to easily increase the performance of their industrial controller with a drop-in replacement model.  Risk of an enclosure redesign is eliminated this way.  Overall, the TP-5045 panel PCs are a versatile solution for applications that requires high performance computing and long-life cycle support.

For more information about the complete line of Teguar's Industrial Panel PCs take a look here or contact sales@teguar.com.