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Home Knowledge Center Versatility Redefined: Meet the Stainless Steel IP69K Box PC

Product Announcements

Versatility Redefined: Meet the Stainless Steel IP69K Box PC

In the realm of industrial computing, the Stainless Steel IP69K Box PC isn't just another player – it is the undisputed champion. With an unyielding stainless steel enclosure, minimal power consumption, and an array of connectivity options, this Box PC sets a new standard for excellence in the most challenging environments. 

Stainless Steel IP69K TWB-4810 M12 Front

Built to Survive

At its core is a rugged stainless steel housing that refuses to back down. This enclosure is not just durable; it is waterproof, boasting an impressive IP66/IP69K rating. This means it can laugh in the face of dust storms and high-pressure water jets without flinching. In environments where others falter, this Box PC excels, ensuring your critical operations remain uninterrupted. 

Versatile Configurations

This Box PC offers a multitude of configuration options, enabling you to fine-tune it to your specific requirements. Whether seeking lightning-fast wireless connectivity via optional WiFi 6 or desiring flexibility in I/O management through cable glands, this Box PC functions as a reliable ally. Opt for M12 connectors when needing plug-and-play action or go for cable glands for USB 3.2 speed and multiple video outputs. The cable gland also adds the bonus of hiding all those messy connection points, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. 

Stainless Steel IP69K TWB-4810 Cable Gland Front

Eco-Conscious Power

At the heart of the unit is the Intel Celeron J6412 processor, a true workhorse that delivers exceptional performance while sipping power. The Box PC's power consumption is a mere 35 watts, marking a new era of energy efficiency in industrial computing. This is not just about saving on operational costs; it is about reducing your environmental footprint.  

Key Features at a Glance

  • Intel Celeron Processor: Top-tier performance and reliability for demanding industrial tasks.
  • IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Enclosure: Complete protection against dust and high-pressure water jets.
  • Optional WiFi 6: Seamless connectivity in remote or demanding locations.
  • M12 Input Connectors with Optional Cable Glands: Tailor the connectivity method to unique needs. 
  • 12-28V Wide Range DC Power Input: Adapt to various power sources, ensuring stability even in fluctuating conditions.

Test out a TWB-4810 Today!

When it comes to rugged industrial computing, the Stainless Steel IP69K Box PC reigns supreme. When working on a project that requires a waterproof Box PC, the TWB-4810 is ideal thanks to its adaptable configurations and low-power Celeron processor.

To learn more about the TWB-4810, contact one of our product specialists today by calling +1 800 870 7715 or contacting us online.

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