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Home Knowledge Center Teguar’s new 22” Fanless Computer is Lightweight, High-Performance and Cost-Effective

Product Announcements

Teguar’s new 22” Fanless Computer is Lightweight, High-Performance and Cost-Effective

Teguar TM-5557-22 All in One computerTeguar’s TM-5557-22 All-in-One Medical PC has gained recognition from RuggedPCReview, an independent online publication that reviews all types of industrial-grade computers. RuggedPCReview called the TM-5557-22 an “intelligent optimization of weight, display size, connectivity, configurability and mounting options.”

It may seem curious that a rugged PC publication reviewed a medical computer, but the TM-5557-22 is built with the same industrial-grade components used in Teguar’s industrial PCs. This computer provides great value at a low cost. It is medically certified and housed in anti-microbial plastic, but it is also durable, fanless and high performance, making it great for both medical and industrial applications.

Medical Uses

Health professionals use a medical computer for telehealth video conferencingThe TM-5557-22 was designed with medical carts in mind. It gives doctors high-performance processing power and a large touchscreen interface, right at the point of care. The 22” screen size is great for reading scans or images, making diagnosis, viewing Electronic Medical Records (EMR), prescribing medications, and even video conferencing with other doctors or patients via the built-in webcam.

Industrial Uses

The fanless design of the TM-5557-22 makes it great for light industrial applications. For example, one Teguar customer uses this computer to display product information on a shop floor. The shop floor has dust in the air, which can clog the fan of a computer and lead to failure. The customer also runs the computer 24/7, so having long-lasting, industrial-grade components is crucial. Other light industrial applications include shipping and receiving, POS (Point of Sale), and clean room manufacturing.

Features of the TM-5557-22

Fanless Cooling System

Industrial computer at use in a warehouseFanless cooling is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, a fan is a moving part and moving parts are often the first to break, especially if the computer is being bumped and moved around, like on a mobile cart. Additionally, fans push around and accumulate dust. In industrial settings, where dust or particles are in the air, fans get clogged, which results in computer failure. In healthcare settings, fans are not hygienic, as they push dust and germs around your facility. Finally, fanless cooling allows the computer to operate silently, an added benefit if the computer is being used at a patient bedside.   

Light Weight

As RuggedPCReview points out, the TM-5557-22 “is big enough for its intended purposes, but not so large and heavy as to become difficult to move.” In fact, the TM-5557-22 is one of the lightest 22” all-in-one computers on the market today, weighing only 11 lbs (5 kg). Most 22” All-in-Ones come in between 15 and 20 lbs, which can create a top-heavy mobile cart that can be difficult to push around. The lightweight TM-5557-22 will move around a medical facility or shop floor with ease and create a less cumbersome mobile cart solution.

Low Cost

This PC doesn’t come with the price tag of most industrial or medical computers. The cost of the TM-5557-22 is comparable to that of a consumer-grade all-in-one computer, but its performance is anything but. Cost varies by specs desired and you can call Teguar to discuss your project and get accurate pricing.

Expansion Capabilities

Back panel interior and exterior view of an all-in-one computerRuggedPCReview notes that “opening up the Teguar TM-5557-22 becomes necessary to replace or upgrade components such as RAM, solid state or rotating mass storage, wireless communication modules, or the optional internal battery.” It is hard to predict what you’ll need in five years, so it is important that your computer can expand and easily accommodate updates. The exclusion of ribbons and cables connecting the front of the unit and the back make opening the computer easy and the TM-5557-22 has mPCIe and M.2 expansion slots for future upgrades.

Sleek Design

The sleek black and white finish, slim housing and rounded edges look modern and clean in any environment. Whether the computer is in front of hospital patients or shop customers, you don’t want your computer to appear out of date or mediocre. The TM-5557-22 is high performance, fast and advanced, and its external design reflects that.

Internal backup battery

The TM-5557-22 was designed with an internal backup battery, so you can mount it onto a non-powered cart. This allows you to move the computer around your facility for up to 2 hours on the computer’s battery. The backup battery also protects you from unexpected power loss, in the case that someone accidently unplugs the computer or your facility loses power. 

Medical features of the TM-5557-22

Medical cart computerWhile this versatile computer is great for industrial applications, it is after all, a medical computer. Below are features specifically required for healthcare applications.

60601-1 4th Ed Certification

The TM-5557-22 meets the latest edition medical certification and it has optional isolated I/Os, including 4x COM ports. Medical devices, such as monitors and scanners, can be connected between the patient and the computer directly, via isolated I/Os.   

Medical Grade Plastic

The TM-5557-22 has an anti-bacterial coating that prevents the spread of germs and microbes. The plastic is also resistant to harsh medical grade cleaners that might degrade other plastics. An added benefit is that this computer has a full-flat, IP65 rated front bezel, so you can spray it down without worry of liquids getting inside the computer.

Read the full review from RuggedPCReview.com here, view the TM-5557-22 product details, or contact us to request a demo or discuss your project.