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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Corporation to Grow in Mecklenburg County and Build Facility with Modern Design


Teguar Corporation to Grow in Mecklenburg County and Build Facility with Modern Design

Charlotte, NC  - After months of deliberation, Teguar Corporation is pleased to announce that it will continue to grow in Mecklenburg County, with plans for a new US Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. This new facility is needed to expand warehouse, assembly, production, and operation space and will be used to establish permanent headquarters in the United States. The initiative includes purchasing land and building a custom-designed 20,000 sq ft facility. 

In a press release, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles commented, “It’s always a great day for Charlotte when we can retain our homegrown companies and keep them thriving in the city where they started.” The Mayor went on to say, “Teguar Corporation is one of our success stories and a valued leader in the future of innovative tech advancements coming out of Charlotte.”

Architectural plans are underway to build an advanced facility which accommodates every aspect of Teguar International Headquarters. The planned multi-tiered facility has dedicated designs per department. Over half of the facility will be an open concept space for business units such as Sales, Marketing and Operations. Other spaces will be specialized including a loading dock for shipping, an area for the technical service department and rooms for meetings taking place within a growing company. Teguar values good design and hopes to reflect that with a modern aesthetic. This includes a steel structural frame with the exterior combination of glass, stucco and architectural panels.

The Teguar Charlotte NC team

Since Teguar was formed in 2010, it has grown substantially, placing on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies four times, this year (2019) at #3719. While the majority of customers are outside of the Carolinas, Teguar remains committed to growing headquarters in the Charlotte, NC area. As a globally oriented business, there are a number of factors that facilitate headquarter decisions. At the inception of Teguar, Co-Founder Corinne Staub laid out a grid on the east coast to determine the best cities to set up a business, considering factors including international airports, shipping, cost of living, and quality of life. Charlotte came out as the winner then and still is today.

Some of Teguar’s foundational goals are to provide a desirable place of employment and positively impact its surrounding community. Teguar currently employs 29 people with an office in Switzerland and a subsidiary office in Taipei, Taiwan. Employment in the US is conservatively expected to climb by 26 team members by the year 2024 and revenue is expected to grow 15% year over year. The facility planned in Mecklenburg County will accommodate more than 60 individuals working on-site, with remote workers coming and going.

Teguar looks forward to being a part of the growing tech community in the Charlotte area and will continue to work with the Office of Economic Development in Mecklenburg County, whose efforts to support growth are appreciated, and alongside members of the Board of County Commissioners and Charlotte City Council.