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Home Knowledge Center Innovative Manufacturing PC with Core i3/i5 CPU and Fanless Design

Product Announcements

Innovative Manufacturing PC with Core i3/i5 CPU and Fanless Design

An industrial, waterproof PC Built to satisfy needs in rugged and demanding environments, the Core i3/i5 Panel PC Series will bring confidence as you feel assured in its front side IP66 intense use rating. When choosing an industrial PC, you will be grateful that you have chosen a unit which is fully prepared for anything that your tough working environment can dish out.

The end use of an industrial Panel PC will lead you to the right choice. From the inside out the TP3010-Series is built to be fit, fast and cool. The Core i3/i5 is a CPU which is unique in its performance and ability to deal with heat output. A proprietary fanless cooling system comes with a performance boost that solves heat problems associated with high performance. The heat sink design added to the motherboard can manage temperature ranges from 32° to 122° Fahrenheit (0°-50° Celsius). This is cutting edge technology as it combines the processor you want with the durability you need.

The Teguar TP-3010-Series Core i3/i5 has the screen options you need as it comes in 15”, 17” or 19”. The touch screens use a brightness of 300, 350, 380 nits respectively. All units have integrated Intel HD 4000 Graphics which can handle the demands of 3D graphics. This touch screen Panel PC supports a 2.5” SATA HDD and two mini PCle slots. The I/Os include two LAN, one DVI-l, four 2.0 USB ports, one line out and one MIC. Customization is always an option through the choice of an open frame or chassis chosen to fit the mounting requirements of the desired placement. Further customization is available upon request.

For more information please click the following links and/or call Teguar at 800-870-7715.