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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Leaps – We have moved to a larger space!


Teguar Leaps – We have moved to a larger space!

Office of Teguar Computers in Charlotte NC
The new Teguar office located in Charlotte, NC: Teguar Corporation, 4235 South Stream Blvd. Suite L-130, Charlotte, NC 28217 (USA)

Teguar Corporation has relocated within Charlotte in order to accommodate strong growth. The new premise is located in a well-developed business technology park.

True to our company ethos, Teguar is customizing its new space. Taylor made does not stop with the customer at Teguar. We believe a perfect fit for us will better enable us to give our customers a perfect product fit. The office will contain a larger tech platform along with additional offices and work stations needed for future new employees. We are prepared to handle any volume order and create a working space that will facilitate smooth flow of products and team work.

Teguar Computers develops made to order computer units such as industrial panel pcs, waterproof computers, rugged tablets, medical pcs, and computers for embedded use. Proprietary industrial technologies are used to bring computer solutions to absolutely any environment. Teguar products are placed in challenging environments such as food processing, manufacturing, medical, military and mobile applications, for example on the ski slopes of Aspen, mines in South Africa, processing plants in middle America and everywhere in between. Regardless of the environment, Teguar computers can be depended upon to perform day in and day out 24/7.

For more information about how we can customize to your computing needs, visit our website www.teguar.com or contact our sales team at 704-960-1761 or sales@teguar.com.