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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Medical Computer Helps to Detect Breast Cancer


Teguar Medical Computer Helps to Detect Breast Cancer

Resistive Touch Screen Computer is Specifically Designed to Meet Stringent Demands of SonoCiné’s FDA Approved, Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound

Finding the right medical computer for SonoCiné proved to be a much bigger challenge than anticipated. In fact, Kody Hackbusch, IT Manager for SonoCiné, virtually scoured many companies before he found one that could meet his unique technological requirements and aesthetic needs. Teguar Computers, located in Charlotte, NC, rose to the challenge and did just that.

SonoCiné is an automated breast ultrasound system that has been cleared by the FDA as an adjunctive examination to mammography to help detect breast cancer in women with dense breasts earlier, when it’s small, and therefore easier to treat. “Our hardware must be able to perform the tasks that our inventor, Dr. Kevin M. Kelly, has made possible with the SonoCiné system,” said Hackbusch. The make it-or break it for selecting a computer was the inclusion of a full size PCI-E slot to accommodate installation of a high-end framegrabber video capture card. The framegrabber is a critical component of the SonoCiné system and provides the interface to the Ultrasound imaging device. This requirement is crucial to the system’s core functionality. “Our overall goal was to find a reliable, all-in-one, touch screen medical grade computer that would replace the PC sitting in the unit to bring our look and feel more up-to-date and also cut down our regulatory burden. It was difficult to find a product that could meet our exact specifications; a medical grade, UL certified all-in-one computer with a larger than average PCI slot, but Teguar made it happen,” said Hackbusch.

Teguar, an industrial computer company with a focus on serving the challenging technological demands of the medical industry, often works with its customers to create unique products from start to finish. From EMR, mobile clinical assistants, and radiology, to surgery, hospital signage and infotainment, Teguar is helping the medical community make an impact in their jobs every day. The T-176 resistive touch screen all-in-one medical computer was designed to satisfy specific technical prerequisites and match the aesthetic needs of the entire SonoCiné system. “Creativity is at the core of our customization capabilities, said Jonathan Staub, CEO of Teguar. We enjoy solving unmet needs and deploying the most advanced technology available to ensure ideal solutions for a wide variety of medical applications.”

Most of Teguar’s medical computers are EN-60601-1 certified against electromagnetic interference, include UL60601-1 (3rd edition) approval, are IP65 rated, and have been protected with an anti-bacterial coating, often required in sterile environments. Core i high performance medical panel touch screen PCs available in 17-22” are designed to operate 24/7, a ruggedized 10” Tablet PC is an ideal alternative to the iPad, 10-22” 100% fanless medical PCs offer seamless fronts and full flat resistive touch for easy use and cleaning, and 10-22” all-in-one ultra slim, multimedia wide-screens with P-cap or multi-touch screen options represent just a few of the extensive choices for medical professionals. Customization includes product development, hardware and software options and a variety of accessories. Visit Teguar Computers at HIMSS 2013, booth #5852.

About SonoCiné

The SonoCiné AWBUS was invented and engineered specifically to provide radiologists with a cost-effective adjunctive screening examination for early detection of mammographically occult breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue. The early cancer detection achievable with SonoCiné AWBUS examination is the result of a number of important system characteristics. These include; recording of the image data by a technologist for later review by a radiologist; automating and computer controlling the screening of the entire breast and lower axillary lymph nodes; and maximizing lesion visualization and detectability by presenting the recorded images in cine format, thus allowing cancers to be identified by the dynamic disruption of normal tissue architecture between frames. www.sonocine.com

About Teguar Corporation

Teguar is a leading provider of cutting-edge computer solutions including medical panel PCs, slim touch panel PCs, fully enclosed waterproof touch computers, and large size digital signage systems. Our dynamic, experienced team keeps pace with changing industry trends whether for medical, industrial automation, food, or digital signage applications. We pride ourselves on the ability to “think ahead” by consistently providing the most innovative technology and unique, state-of-the art solutions to meet fast changing market demands. With high quality hardware, customization expertise, and hands-on consultative approach, customers rely on Teguar for excellence before, during and after an engagement with us. www.teguar.com