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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Brings New Ergonomic Medical Tablet PC TMT-4395-10 to Healthcare Market

Product Announcements

Teguar Brings New Ergonomic Medical Tablet PC TMT-4395-10 to Healthcare Market

Teguar's TMT-4395-10 is a pervious generation product. See our other medical tablet PCs or our rugged tablet PCs.

Charlotte, NC - Teguar is introducing the medically certified TMT-4395-10, a medical tablet with a fresh design that is slim, lightweight, & multifunctional to use in a wide array of applications in the healthcare market. This tablet satisfies the product market need for a medical tablet with an ergonomic carry handle that is both low cost & efficient. Don’t be fooled by the simple and streamlined design of the tablet as the TMT-4395-10 has an IP54 rating and can withstand 1 Meter drops.  The design is clean and simple, but the tablet is still loaded with features.  The sturdy ergonomic upper handle will dramatically reduce or eliminate accidental drops so your expected drop distance would be only knee height. The tablets medical grade plastic housing is mixed with anti-microbial properties to eliminate bacteria growth and the IP54 rated housing is more than enough for medical wipe downs.

The TMT-4395-10 delivers a viewing experience that is easy on the eyes. The medical tablet’s stunning 10” IPS display is the sweet spot for display sizes and has an HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 allowing for the most detailed images to come to life in multiple environments with the help of the built-in ambient light sensor. Standard 4GB RAM is available along with low power eMMC storage at 64GB/128GB allowing for a minimal PCB footprint. An additional microSD slot is provided for easily accessible storage expansion.

The TMT-4395-10 is packed with wireless features.

Features of the Teguar TMT-4395-10 healthcare tabletFeatures such as 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC allowing you to roam on any Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC/RFID for security and tracking applications, and the finest UBlox GPS module for outdoor tracking provide all the wireless versatility needed. For audio there is an accessible audio jack, dual microphones, and two 2-Watt speakers allowing for smooth video conference calls with either embedded front or rear camera. The standard USB 3.0 slot allows for high data transfer speeds and the micro HDMI port can be used for those extending the display. Last but not least the Pogo pins allow for quick charging to a docking station and I/O expansion capabilities.

Tom Poplawski, product manager at Teguar Computers commented “In the past, IT teams always demanded the latest and fastest CPU in a Medical Tablet due to consumer market trends or inefficient software. This resulted in an overweight power-hungry tablet that required lots of battery capacity and thermal dissipation, not something you want to carry around all day. That has changed recently as the Windows OS and software applications on the cloud utilize less storage space and run more efficiently. Moreover, Intel’s ATOM CPU platform runs much cooler resulting in much longer battery life and gives you the most bang for your buck, thus making this product the best choice for your business.”

Preliminary samples of the TMT-4395-10 Medical Tablet PC have been released. They have gained attention and demand for vertical medical applications. The additional expansion capabilities will allow medical professionals to bring their solution to market much faster saving lives sooner than ever. This type of design gives Teguar confidence that the TMT-4395-10 is hitting the right market niche for an everyday use medical tablet which has essential features without expensive and unused bells and whistles.

This healthcare tablet will be featured at HiMSS 2018 Conference and Trade Show at Teguar Booth # 11929.