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Home Knowledge Center Top 5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Computer Hardware Upgrade in 2018

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Top 5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Computer Hardware Upgrade in 2018

A sparkling 2018

  1. Performance Improvements
  2. Migrating to Windows 10
  3. Drop-In Replacements
  4. New Features and Technologies
  5. Full Depreciation of Capital Equipment Expenditures in 2018

Performance Improvements

Man holding two computer chips as he disassembles a computerTeguar’s newest touchscreen panel PCs, all-in-one computers, fanless box PCs, and industrial tablets offer significant performance improvements over previous generation models. These industrial computers are now equipped with the latest Intel embedded long life processors, faster memory, and solid state drives (SSDs).  This combination of technology advancements provides higher processing performance, reduced boot times, improved graphics, and faster response times for higher productivity and improved user experience.  New Intel 6th generation Core i3 and i5 processors (formerly codenamed Skylake) are included in the new TP-5045 series panel PCs and the TS-5010 stainless steel waterproof computers. These Skylake Panel PCs offer performance improvements of up to 43% compared to the previous generation models.  The new Skylake industrial PCs also include DDR4 2133MHz memory, which improves memory access times compared to previous generation models that included DDR3 1600MHz memory. The use of solid state drives in new industrial panel PCs offers perhaps the most noticeable difference in performance, as solid state drives are capable of significantly higher data throughput than traditional rotating hard drives. Solid state drives improve file access times and file transfer times, enabling industrial computers to operate faster and boot faster than previous generation models. Every industrial computer application should realize some benefit from performance improvements. 

Migrating to Windows 10

Tablet with Windows 10 installed being heldWindows 10 is recommended for all new applications for industrial panel PCs, all-in-one touchscreen computers, industrial tablets, and industrial box PCs. Microsoft’s no longer offers mainstream support for Windows 7. Windows 7 is currently in Microsoft’s extended support phase, where only necessary security updates are pushed. This extended support will end in January 2020. At that time, industrial computer users will be forced to migrate to Windows 10 or become vulnerable to security risks. It is not always possible to upgrade industrial computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10, as Windows 10 drivers may not be available for older industrial computer hardware.  Companies that are making a switch to Windows 10 should do this on the latest generation models to ensure software compatibility while taking advantage of new performance improvements. Teguar’s latest industrial computers and rugged tablets support Windows 10, while their new Intel embedded processors offer excellent performance and a flawless user experience.  

Drop-In Replacements

Multiple colored icons with large blue circle featuredTeguar offers a few different lines of industrial panel PCs and all-in-one touchscreen computers. Each panel PC line is tailored for specific applications such as food and beverage manufacturing, industrial automation, outdoor applications, or OEM integration. All of Teguar’s industrial computer lines include an Intel Embedded long life CPU. The life cycle of the computer closely follows the life cycle of the Intel CPU, providing approximately five years of availability. Before the Intel CPU is discontinued, Teguar updates the existing panel PC product line with the latest generation Intel Embedded processor. This new generation panel PC maintains the same mechanical design and similar I/O ports as the previous generation model, allowing users to migrate to the new panel PC with little or no impact to their end application. For panel mount computers, the cutout dimensions and bezel dimensions are maintained from generation to generation. For VESA mount or Yoke mount applications, the mounting options are maintained along with the locations of the mounting holes. There is no easier way to upgrade your industrial computer than with a drop-in replacement.

New Features and Technologies

Teguar computer with a PoE Gigabit LAN power input.There are several new features available with Teguar’s panel PCs and industrial computers that users will find beneficial in today’s world. Items like PoE (Power Over Ethernet), P-CAP (projected capacitive) touchscreens, sunlight readable LCDs, and the latest I/O interfaces may not have been available on previous generation models. Many of Teguar’s panel PCs, including the TP-2945 and TP-5045 products, can be equipped with a PoE Gigabit LAN power input. PoE simplifies cabling and allows for easy integration where other PoE devices are being used. Most of Teguar’s panel PCs and industrial all-in-one computers can be equipped with your choice of a resistive touchscreen or projected capacitive touchscreen. Projected capacitive touchscreens offer multi-touch functionality and are considered a more rugged solution than traditional resistive touchscreens. Many of Teguar’s panel PCs can be equipped with an optional sunlight readable 1000 nit LCD for improved readability in outdoor applications or other high ambient light conditions.New Teguar panel PCs include USB 3.0 ports, which offer much higher transfer speeds than the USB 2.0 ports on previous generation models, while the latest video interfaces like HDMI and DisplayPort are included on many of Teguar’s new box PCs and industrial touchscreen monitors. These new configuration options and technologies can improve performance, simplify integration, and open up new possibilities for graphical user interfaces.

Full Depreciation of Capital Equipment Expenditures in 2018

Hand stacking up quarters with money icons floating aboveIf you live in America, there is a fiscal incentive to make capital equipment investments. Under the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” signed into law on December 22nd, companies are allowed to deduct 100% of capital equipment expenditures in 2018. This is an enormous advantage compared to the previous tax law, where companies had to take depreciation for capital equipment and then apply the tax benefit over multiple years. There has been no better time in recent history to invest in updating your company’s computer hardware than 2018.