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Home Knowledge Center Teguar’s New 22” Mobile Medical Computer with 7th Gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU

Product Announcements

Teguar’s New 22” Mobile Medical Computer with 7th Gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU

Teguar TM-5510-22 with hot-swappable batteriesCharlotte, NC - Teguar is introducing the TM-5510-22, the highest performing medical cart computer with the latest 4th edition medical certifications available. The 21.5” touchscreen computer features a 7th Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU and three hot-swappable batteries that can power the healthcare computer 24/7, without the use of a power outlet or a battery-powered medical cart. This PC is packed with features to keep up with the demanding needs of your medical team.

Eliminating Limitations in Mobile Computing

Many medical computers are limited to the length of their power cord. One option to make a PC mobile is a battery-powered medical cart, but these carts are limited too. Most battery-powered carts only last several hours before needing to be recharged and they are heavy and bulky, hindering their mobility. Battery powered carts are also expensive and require frequent battery replacements.

The TM-5510-22 solves these problems by putting the batteries right in the computer. Three hot-swappable batteries allow your medical staff to use the TM-5510-22 wherever they go, 24/7. Mounting this computer on a standard medical cart creates a lighter weight, more mobile solution to healthcare computing. The healthcare PC can be powered by one battery while the others charge in the optional charging bay, and the batteries can be swapped without shutting down the computer and losing any important time or data. 

The hot-swappable batteries can also power peripheral devices right from the PC. Barcode scanners, printers, card readers and other peripherals can integrate with your PC and move with your workstation.

Exceeding Medical Safety Standards  

The TM-5510-22 is 60601-1 4th Edition certified, the latest medical certification, which ensures that patients, medical staff, and medical equipment are protected. The TM-5510-22 also offers isolated I/O’s preventing interference with other electronic equipment. The enclosure has antibacterial coating and is IP65 rated, meaning it can withstand sprays, splashes and harsh medical grade cleaning chemicals. A fanless cooling system also enhances the hygienic design by preventing the spread of dust, germs and microbes.

Learn more about 60601-1 4th Ed Cert: https://teguar.com/blog/medical-iec-60601-1-4th-edition/

Top of the Line Graphics  

The optional MXM graphics card allows the TM-5510-22F to be configured for DICOM, a high standard for medical imaging that ensures consistency of medical images among all DICOM devices including printers and other PCs. Even without a graphics card, this healthcare computer has a full HD, high contrast, LCD touchscreen, suitable for applications such as operating room imaging system, radiology information systems, nursing cart stations, and EMR systems, including EPIC software.

The TM-5510-22 is setting a new standard in mobile computing. For more information, see the TM-5510-22 on our website or contact sales@teguar.com.