Exploded diagram of a Teguar waterproof touchscreen computer

Off-the-Shelf Products, Customized Solutions, and OEM/ODM Projects

Teguar’s customers are usually able to find a computer in our catalog that fits into their system and meets their project requirements. We call this an off-the-shelf product. If nothing in our current product catalog meets the customer’s needs, we create a customized solution, which is a product from our catalog, but with modifications or upgrades. The modifications can range from one small change, to several complex changes. When customers need a completely new and innovative computer hardware solution, we start an OEM/ODM project. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, while ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer.


How we Build a Custom Computer Solution

For any custom computer solution, whether it's a minute change, or OEM/ODM project, we work through project requirements with you. We consider your budget, functional requirements, and regulatory requirements. Throughout the entire process, we work closely with you to create the best computer hardware solution.

CGI render of a Teguar touchscreen waterproof computer


For the computer shown in this video, the customer had unique requirements for their outdoor gaming kiosk. Teguar Product Engineers worked with the customer to develop the best solution, which was an existing Teguar all-in-one Panel PC, with several modifications. Customizations for this project included: eliminating unneeded IOs, to reduce overall cost; combining PoE and USB into a single cable solution; adding a 2D barcode scanner; building a customized IO cover and mounting solution; increasing LCD screen brightness and adding optical bonding; and customizing an Android OS with a boot logo, system lock down features, and preinstalled applications, to reduce the time to go live.


When building a custom solution, we create a prototype for evaluation and testing. The result was a computer solution that meets the demanding requirements of an interactive kiosk and can weather the outdoors.

Man swinging a golf club at an outdoor sports complex with a Teguar waterproof kiosk in the foreground




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