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Home Knowledge Center An Updated Generation of Medical All-In-One Computers

Product Announcements

An Updated Generation of Medical All-In-One Computers

Charlotte, NC - Teguar releases its newest fanless medical grade panel PC, the TM-3110 series. The 19” TM-3110-19 and the 21.5” TM-3110-22 both come with the 5th generation Intel Broadwell-based i5-5200U 2.20G /i7-5500U 2.40G. The graphics capabilities and overall performance have been significantly improved since the previous generation, TM-3010. Additionally, the series comes with new USB 3.0 ports and video output display ports. Users can connect to two external monitors to show up to three different images simultaneously.

Teguar TM-3110-19 medical touchscreen computerThe Broadwell CPU uses less power than the 4th generation CPUs, and boasts better performance and a longer battery life. The processor supports new features like 4K video, wireless display, and built-in TPM security with fast data encryption.

Using an optional external module, the new series can come with four PCI-E expansion slots, which are especially useful for applications in the medical field like medical image capture cards. High-speed input and output ports are able to meet the needs of various medical equipment and developmental platforms.

The TP-3110 series is made with antibacterial plastic that stops the growth of MRSA and other bacteria from accumulating on the devices. The antibacterial formula is mixed with the PC+ABS plastic of the housing so that even when regularly sterilized with alcohol and other disinfectants, the antibacterial properties of the unit are not compromised.

The new medical panel PCs have a projected capacitive touch screen (10 points), single finger swiping operations, and zooming capabilities. Since gloves are often required in the medical field, the touch screen has been updated so that it can be operated by users wearing up to four pairs of latex gloves. The front frame has an IP65 waterproof rating so that it can be cleaned without damaging the internal components. The TP-3110 also features a “Clean Me” function that locks the screen, so that the unit does not need to be shut down during cleaning procedures.

The TP-3110-19/22 models have optional isolation on LAN, COM and USB ports, to make sure that all of the medical equipment surrounding the patient operates correctly and safely without interference. The series is UL 60601-1 3rd edition medically certified to ensure patient safety and security. There is also an optional battery backup solution available to provide power to the unit for up to 20 minutes in the event of a power outage.

For more information, or if you have special requirements, contact the Teguar sales team at sales@teguar.com.