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Home Knowledge Center TS-4845 Series: Your Ultimate Solution for Wet and Damp Environments

Product Announcements

TS-4845 Series: Your Ultimate Solution for Wet and Damp Environments

With a diverse range of processors, screen sizes, operating systems, and features, Teguar offers an extensive selection of waterproof computers to meet various needs. As technology continually evolves, so does Teguar's expanding lineup of waterproof products. The latest addition to the catalog is the Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Series.

Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Series TS-4845

Designed for wet or damp environments, this series features a robust stainless steel housing and is available in screen sizes of 10 inches, 12 inches, or 17 inches. Seamlessly incorporating the power of Windows 11, the series ensures an intuitive computing experience. Explore the distinctive features that distinguish this series, from its resilience in challenging environments to advanced security measures, redefining the possibilities of modern computing. Please contact our sales team if you have need of another screen size.

Engineered for Resilience: IP66 Waterproof Technology

The Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Series comes equipped with an impressive IP66 rating, making it not just resistant to dust and powerful water jets but also operable in wet or damp environments. Imagine the possibilities for manufacturing floors, where there is ample demand for durability and reliability. This series is a testament to innovation meeting the rigors of industrial applications, setting a new standard for rugged computing solutions.

Modern Upgrades

In today's rapidly advancing era, staying at the forefront of technology is important. That is why our Waterproof Touch Screen Computer series comes equipped with Windows 11 and WiFi 6, guaranteeing a flawless and reliable wireless performance. Designed to handle the needs of today's fast-paced data environments, such as managing intricate industrial spaces or busy offices, these modern upgrades position the series at the forefront of networking evolution.

TS-4845 Windows 11

Catering to Diverse Industries: A Versatile Computing Solution

In addition to its technological capabilities, the Waterproof Touch Screen Computer Series suits a variety of industries. From manufacturing floors to healthcare settings, this series is a reliable computing solution that adapts to the unique demands of each sector. Embrace efficiency, security, and a heightened user experience, regardless of the environment–an indispensable asset for the modern professional.

Test out a TS-4845 Today!

If you are looking for an efficient waterproof computer, this series is an ideal choice. Offering three different screen sizes, an upgraded processor and operating system, and a robust stainless steel housing, it makes for a valuable addition to Teguar's extensive line of waterproof computers.

If you are interested in learning more about the TS-4845, contact one of our product specialists today by calling +1 800 870 7715 or contacting us online.

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