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Home Knowledge Center Introducing the Stainless Steel Computers Series: Where Durability Meets Innovation

Product Announcements

Introducing the Stainless Steel Computers Series: Where Durability Meets Innovation

In industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other hygienic settings, durability reigns supreme. Standard computers often falter in these harsh environments, constantly exposed to washdowns and rigorous cleanings. Teguar’s newest Stainless Steel computer series boasts both power and longevity in a time-tested chassis that has represented the pinnacle of durability in Teguar’s product line for a decade.

TS-7010 Stainless Steel Computer Series

Featuring screen sizes from 15 to 24 inches, the Stainless Steel Computers Series represents a notable advancement of processing power in industrial computing. Powered by the latest Intel 12th Generation CPU with 10 processing cores, these computers ensure top-notch performance, setting a new standard in the world of technology. The standout feature? Their stainless steel construction, making them resilient in the harshest environments.

Durability Redefined

The hallmark of the TS-7010 lies in its robust stainless steel construction. This feature makes these computers ideal for challenging settings such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and hygienic environments. Designed to withstand frequent washdowns, these computers redefine durability and reliability, seamlessly blending innovation with industrial strength.

This computer has not only a rugged exterior but also a long-life processor, ensuring durability internally as well. Crafted for extended use, the i5-1245UE processor and high-quality components guarantee sustained efficiency, ensuring a powerful and reliable computing experience that stands the test of time. The Stainless Steel Computers Series is not just cutting-edge; it's built to last.

Upgraded Options

The TS-7010 builds upon Teguar's reliable stainless steel chassis foundation, incorporating advanced features not found in our previous models. The PCAP touchscreen option now includes user-adjustable firmware for precise operation in wet or gloved environments. With an increased total supported RAM of 64GB, the device is well-equipped to handle large data sets common in LLMs and data training sets.

Enhanced user convenience is achieved through physical buttons on the chassis for easier brightness adjustment. The I/O offerings are significantly expanded with the addition of WiFi 6, USB 3.2 Type-C, RFID, and Barcode scanner options. Notably, rear-facing speakers are now integrated while maintaining the enclosure's IP66 rating. This makes the TS-7010 a versatile and advanced solution for a variety of applications. 

Elevated Computing Capabilities 

For those seeking top-tier performance, the series offers an i7 upgrade option. Elevate your computing capabilities to new heights with enhanced processing power, faster speeds, and seamless multitasking. The i7 upgrade caters to users who demand the utmost in performance from their computing experience.

The excellence persists as this series runs on the latest Windows operating system, operating seamlessly on Windows 11. The Stainless Steel Computer Series ensures a modern and intuitive computing experience, combining the TS-7010 hardware with Windows 11 software for a user-friendly interface, enhanced features, and optimal performance—a perfect blend of innovation and sophistication.

TS-7010 Windows 11

Test Out a TS-7010 Today!

The Stainless Steel Computers Series is not merely a technological advancement; it represents a revolution in industrial computing. Redefining durability, reliability, and performance, these computers stand as the epitome of innovation meeting industrial strength. Experience computing like never before with Teguar’s TS-7010 series—reliable computer technology for world-changing innovators, precisely where they need it.

If you are interested in learning more about the TS-7010, contact one of our product specialists today by calling +1 800 870 7715 or contacting us online.

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