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Home Knowledge Center New TP-5010 Panel PC Series for Long Life Cycle Uses

Product Announcements

New TP-5010 Panel PC Series for Long Life Cycle Uses

Five sizes of the Teguar TP-5010 seriesCharlotte, NC - Teguar is proud to announce a new line of high performance fanless touchscreen panel PCs.  The new TP-5010 series panel PCs are available with Intel 6th generation Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, making them the highest performance panel PCs available today.  Increased performance with 6th generation Core i5/i7 CPUs is enhanced with DDR4 memory slots and support for dual channel DDR4 memory (up to 32GB), and a SATA3 (600 MB/s) interface for high performance solid state drives.  These features allow for faster boot times, more data processing, quick file transfers, and overall unparalleled performance.  In addition to the performance improvements, the TP-5010 series panel PCs come standard with a variety of I/O ports including 2 x GbE LAN, 4 x USB 3.0, 3 x COM, and 2 x DisplayPort with support three independent displays to suit the requirements for most industrial computing applications.

The TP-5010 panel PCs are available with either a resistive touchscreen or a projected capacitive touchscreen.  The resistive touchscreen option meets the requirements for traditional factory automation applications where users may have gloved hands.  The projected touchscreen option is beneficial for applications where multi-touch functionality is required.

The TP-5010 series panel PCs are available in several LCD screen sizes including:

These industrial touchscreen computers have an IP66 rated front bezel.  When they are panel mounted into a cutout in an enclosure, they offer protection from liquid and dust contamination.  The TP-5010 series panel PCs can be equipped with a stainless steel bezel for applications that require frequent wash downs.  The stainless steel bezel option prevents oxidation from frequent exposure to water and other liquids, and it is protected from damage from chemical exposure and harsh cleaning agents.

The TP-5010 series touchscreen panel PCs are industrial computers, meaning two things.  First, they are rugged solutions that can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as dust, water, shock, and vibration.  But often times more important, they are long life cycle solutions that will be available for several more years.  The TP-5010 series is built with industrial long life cycle components, and they will be available in this exact same configuration for the life of your project.  You do not have to worry about obsolescence or changes in hardware, software, or mechanical design.  Choose one and then you’re done.