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Home Knowledge Center The Next Generation of All-In-One Industrial Computers

Product Announcements

The Next Generation of All-In-One Industrial Computers

Two Teguar TP-3010-AIO computers from the all-in-one industrial series
Teguar Introduces Core i5 Fanless Industrial Grade Computers

Charlotte, NC –Teguar Computers is leading the industrial computer pack with the release of the  TP-3010-19AIO and TP-3010-22AIO. Both All-In-One touch screen computers are fanless with core i3/i5/i7 processors. They stay cool while thinking fast. The multi-touch screen and IP66 front bezel protection are designed for standalone kiosks or to be integrated with an OEM design. The standard TP-3010-AIO series Panel PCs are equipped with highly durable components including a 2.5 SATA HDD drive bay and a 320GB / 500GB anti-vibration kit to keep storage secure. “One great benefit of a Teguar fanless product is to order this computer with a solid state drive and there will be virtually no moving parts…. less mechanical movement means less room for failure,” said Christopher Ealahan, Sales Director at Teguar Corporation. Engineers are provided with configuration choices through processor, Mini PCIe expansion slots, and input outputs.

With a beautiful design that is reliable and made for 24/7 long term use, the TP-3010 AIO series may be your perfect match.  It is configurable, has nimble processing speed, and a powerful slim sturdy build. For more information please contact Teguar sales team at Sales@teguar.com call 1 800 970 7715 or visit www.teguar.com.