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Home Knowledge Center Increased Need for Teguar Rugged Tablets with Bluetooth for Telehealth


Increased Need for Teguar Rugged Tablets with Bluetooth for Telehealth

Tablet being used for telehealth while medical instruments surround itA healthcare provider recently came to Teguar searching for new computer hardware to use with their telehealth system. For about five years, this organization has been providing healthcare to people in remote areas of the world. Their telehealth device can be used to complete a full patient checkup or to monitor chronic health conditions. The device is for at-home use, so patients can have access to healthcare when needed, without having to travel to see their doctor.

The first version of the telehealth device was made with a computer that made the overall unit too expensive and too bulky. Teguar’s TRT-4380-08 Rugged Tablet turned out to be a better solution for several reasons. First, it fit their budgetary requirements and made the overall device more compact and lightweight. It also has a docking station that can charge the unit and 4G LTE communication for various countries. Teguar provided special support with hardware diagrams and software drivers to create a custom Linux based application. The Intel X86 CPU and Teguar technical support made this possible.

Bluetooth was a necessity, as multiple sensors are used to measure patient vitals, including temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. That patient data is transmitted via Bluetooth from the sensors to the tablet, then sent to the doctor. The tablet can be easily cleaned and disinfected, because the housing is entirely IP67 rated, which means it can be fully submerged in water. Also, this tablet is drop tested, so there is no worry of a patient dropping it and breaking it. Overall, this system allows patients to maintain proper care, without leaving the comfort and safety of their own home.

This system was made for convenience, to allow patients to check their vitals frequently and communicate with their doctor from remote areas of the world, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has now has become a necessity. This company, which operates in Canada and Australia, has ramped up deployment of their telehealth device, to allow people to stay safe at home and reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

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