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Home Knowledge Center T-8865 Outdoor Computer

Product Announcements

T-8865 Outdoor Computer

The T-8865 is no longer in Teguar's product catalog. See our other outdoor computers.

Anti-UV, Anti-corrode coating, 7H hardness touch for vandalism, wide temperature range, anti-condensation, LED lighted LCD -  the 8865 touch computer the perfect use for outdoor environments.

Teguar has been offering the outdoor kiosk solution for many applications such as marine, ambulance vehicle, retails, fast food drive through, etc. For T-8865, Teguar delivers the best performance for outdoor kiosk application. Tthe waterproof computer is integrated with an Atom N270 1.6G CPU and 945GSE chipset , 7H hardness and an anti-UV treatment on the surface of the touch. In addition, the outdoor PC is fully sealed according to IP65 (NEMA 4) and therefore protected against water and dust infringement. With the 1,600 nits optical bonding sunlight readable touch screen, auto brightness and smart thermal control design, and the min-PCI-e expansion for Wi-Fi supporting, Teguar’s 8865 outdoor kiosk solution can survive all kinds of weather condition.

There are 6 main reasons why Teguar outdoor kiosk solutions:

LED lighted LCD: For durability and longevity in outdoor application the backlight of the LCD is LED lighting.  This is a big break through.  The brightness of LCD at 1,600 nit will last longer in harsh environment.  Teguar also uses optical bonding to enhance the contrast of the LCD when the sun shines directly on the LCD what makes the display sunlight readable.

Wide temperature range of -13°F – 133°F (-25°~55°C): The unique outdoor kiosk design of the 8865 PC can be operated in the wide temperature range of -13°F – 133°F (-25°~55°C).

Anti-condensation: The most unique design of the 8865 touch computer is the 100% prevention of moisture condensation. This comprehensive feature allows the machine to switch from cold to warm environment without moisture inside the LCD screen.

Anti-UV: Like people get sunburn the light of UV changes also materials chemically and permanently that hamper the goods outside. To enhance the reliability of the 8865 touch screen PC in harsh environment, Teguar uses UV- resistant materials.

Anti-corrode coating: Acid rain is another threat for outdoor KIOSK applications. To prevent the material to corrode from rain, wind or liquid on it the 8865 waterproof PC anti-corrode coated.

7H hardness touch screen for anti-vandalism: In public, KIOSK machines have to be considered for anti-vandalism ruggedness.  That is why the 8865 PC is designed with a military grade touch screen. The level of 7H hardness prevents from scratches and keeps the longevity of the touch function.

See Teguar's Outdoor Kiosk Computer, the TA-A920-15.