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Home Knowledge Center Most Popular Uses for Power-over-Ethernet Panel PCs

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Most Popular Uses for Power-over-Ethernet Panel PCs

What is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Computer?

Executive inspects an industrial computer on the factory floorA PoE touchscreen pc is a computing device that allows the user to send and receive both information and electrical current over a standard CAT5 or CAT5e cable. (sometimes referred to as an Ethernet or LAN cable) These computers are designed to operate on the low voltage transmitted across these cables, eliminating the need for a dedicated power source.

This has the effect of lowering installation costs and speeding up installation times, when compared to standard computers or tablets that may require wires run to the computing location. PoE computers can be added to a pre-existing Ethernet network or new cabling can be run to the unit by an IT professional; whereas a computer requiring electrical wiring would need a licensed electrician to complete installation of new wiring.

Machine/Process Control

In manufacturing facilities PoE touchscreen computers are often used as a means of controlling machines or larger devices. Serving as a human-machine-interface, the PoE PC allows an operator to interact with a machine or piece of equipment using an interface on the device. If installed in a control panel, the PoE computer’s ability to operate with only an Ethernet cable will simplify internal wiring. Facility planning engineers can save cost by wiring assembly line access points with PoE devices; saving installation costs of running additional electrical wiring to each PC.

Building Automation Controls

Industrial panel PC being used as a digital security panelBecause of the low power draw of these devices, they are well suited to use as a control for building automation systems. Many commercial and residential buildings already have an Ethernet network installed, easing the installation requirements of the PoE computers. If the computers are equipped with panel mounting brackets, then a PoE touchscreen PC could be installed directly into the wall. This allows for convenient access for building occupants and unobtrusive integration into rooms.

Room Scheduling and Secure Entry

Office buildings and universities often utilize PoE touchscreen computers to allow occupants to view room schedules and book them for upcoming timeslots. Since these types of buildings very often have an existing Ethernet network, installation is significantly improved. Some PoE units can even be outfitted with LED light bars to indicate whether the room in question is currently available or in use. For secure entry into buildings or specific rooms, a PoE touchscreen PC can be connected to an automated door or lock/unlock mechanism of a door. Upon entering the correct passcode on the touchscreen, a signal can be sent to unlock the door; allowing entry into the building/room.

PoE Panel PC Solutions

Teguar has several available options for PoE powered touchscreen computers. Utilizing efficient Intel CPUs with passive fanless cooling systems, these units are ready for reliable 24/7 operation. The front bezel of the units carry an IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating. The ultra-low power usage of these units will keep your operating costs down, while improving operational efficiency. Call 1-800-870-7715 to chat with a representative about your PoE touchscreen computing needs.