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Home Knowledge Center Waterproof Touchscreen Monitors used with Commercial Diving System


Waterproof Touchscreen Monitors used with Commercial Diving System

Teguar Waterproof Computers can be found in a range of settings from sterile clean rooms, to messy food production lines, and even outdoors. Being outdoors presents challenges including rain, humidity, high and low temperatures, and sunlight readability. In the application shown below, the computer is not only outdoors, but it is also on a boat, where it must survive vibration, shocks and salt water spray. 

Safe Air Diving uses Teguar's TSD-45-16 Stainless Steel Monitor with its state-of-the-art commercial dive system aboard Hukkelberg Boats. The waterproof monitor is connected to a helmet camera worn by the diver. This allows the deck crew to see what the diver is seeing in real time and send down tools.

The TSD-45 series is available in screen sizes from 10” up to 24” and the monitors are completely sealed with an IP66/IP69K waterproof rating. They come standard with grade SUS304 stainless steel housing, which will never rust, even after years of daily wash downs. For the application in the video above, the housing was upgraded to SUS316L stainless steel, which is rust proof even to salt water. Inputs and outputs include HDMI, VGA, USB, and DC Input, all of which come with M12 connectors, for a fully waterproof solution.

For use outdoors or in factories with bright overhead lighting, this series has optional 1000 nit high brightness, optional optical bonding and an optional ambient light sensor for auto dimming. These monitors have touchscreen options including P-Cap touch, resistive touch, and a durable glass non-touchscreen. Another optional feature is integrated IP65 rated speakers, which is often used for an alarm or signal on production lines.

The TSD-45 series is the ideal solution for a Human Machine Interface (HMI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, displaying real time data on a food processing or pharmaceutical production line, or even displaying real time video on a diving system.

Hukkelberg Boats of Norway
New Hukkelberg Boat featuring a Teguar's TSD-45-16 mounted in the top right of the photo. 

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