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Home Knowledge Center Enhancing Outdoor Computing: Teguar's Rugged Solutions for Productivity and Durability

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Enhancing Outdoor Computing: Teguar's Rugged Solutions for Productivity and Durability

outdoor computer kiosk

In today’s fast paced industrial landscape, the use of computer units in outdoor and semi-outdoor environments has become increasingly prevalent. These specialized computing solutions play a critical role in enhancing productivity, streamlining operations, and improving communication in various sectors.

The harsh conditions of outdoor settings pose unique challenges to traditional computing systems. As a pioneer in rugged computing solutions, Teguar has emerged as a reliable provider of industrial computer units designed to excel in these demanding scenarios.

High Brightness LCD: Overcoming Sunlight Glare

One of the primary obstacles faced in outdoor applications is the excessive glare and UV exposure from sunlight that can hinder visibility on conventional displays. To address this issue, Teguar’s industrial computers can be equipped with high brightness LCD displays.

These advanced screens employ technology to offer superior image quality even under direct sunlight, ensuring that critical data remains readily accessible to operated and users alike. By employing high brightness LCD technology, Teguar computers maximize efficiency and minimize downtime caused by glare-related disruptions.

PCAP Touchscreen Durability

Intuitive touchscreens are a vital feature in modern computing, enabling seamless user interaction and operational ease. Nevertheless, direct UV exposure can be detrimental to the longevity of capacitive touchscreens, commonly known as PCAP touchscreens. Typically, these screens last about a year under such conditions before experiencing a decline in sensitivity and accuracy. Recognizing this challenge, Teguar has implemented robust solutions to enhance touchscreen durability in outdoor environments.

Glass on Glass PCAP Offerings

Teguar provides a specialized PCAP screen that is designed to withstand UV damage. The touch surface is composed of distinct layers that have been carefully selected to specifically fulfill the requirements of this application. While prolonged UV exposure can still result in damage, most applications can enjoy 3-5 years of high touch performance before experiencing any adverse effects from UV exposure.

Hoods and Shrouds: Shielding from the Elements

sunlight readable hood

To protect sensitive components like PCAP touchscreens from direct sunlight and other environmental hazards, Teguar offers hoods and shrouds for their stainless steel industrial computers. These protective accessories effectively shield the screens, ensuring prolonged durability and reliability in outdoor applications.

Fully Outdoor Environments: The Versatile TR-0810-15

Teguar’s TR-0810-15 is a standout model engineered to thrive in fully outdoor environments, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring continuous operation under UV exposure. With the hood accessory, this rugged industrial computer offers unparalleled touchscreen protection, enabling seamless functionality even in the harshest outdoor conditions.


Semi-Outdoor Solutions: TP-3445 and TP-5645

Recognizing the diverse needs of industries, Teguar also offers industrial computer units designed for semi-outdoor applications. The TP-3445 and TP-5645 models are built to thrive in environments with limited exposure to the elements, where dust moisture and temperature fluctuations may still pose challenges. Teguar offers these models in an outdoor configuration, including high brightness, optical bonding, and specialized PCAP screens to resist UV Damage.

Equipped with high brightness LCD displays, these computers provide clear visibility and enable operators to work with ease in semi-outdoor settings. By offering a range of solutions for various outdoor scenarios, Teguar empowers businesses with the tools they need to maintain peak efficiency in every environment.

By addressing key challenged such as UV exposure and touchscreen durability, Teguar’s advanced technologies, such as high brightness LCD displays and protective hoods, ensure optimal performance and longevity in outdoor applications.

Reach out to a Teguar product specialist today if you require an outdoor computer for your projects. They are ready to assist you with finding the perfect solution to meet your needs!

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