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Home Knowledge Center Masterful Mounting: Teguar's Touch Panel PC Series

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Masterful Mounting: Teguar's Touch Panel PC Series

TP-5945 Touch Panel PC Series

Panel PCs have firmly established themselves as essential components within the realm of industrial computing, and Teguar boasts a decade-long presence in this field. Adding to Teguar's extensive catalog is the recently launched Touch Panel PC series.

This series, available in three distinct screen sizes, offers exceptional versatility, making it the perfect choice for a wide array of industrial settings. In this article, we discuss the pivotal aspects of this series, including its intelligent design, operating system, and more.

Mountable Design

One of the TP-5945’s standout features is the innovative mountable design. This series introduces a panel mounting clip design at the rear, eliminating the need for traditional holes that are commonly found along the perimeter in other models. This forward-looking approach not only maintains a clean and visually appealing aesthetic, but also simplifies design.

This series is VESA mountable, offering remarkable flexibility for effortless integration into various industrial environments. Whether you need a sleek flush-mounted design or a VESA mount, this series has you covered, ensuring seamless and hassle-free installation.

Intel 11th Generation CPU

Under the hood, the Touch Panel PC series is powered by Intel’s 11 Generation Core processor, a testament to its exceptional performance capabilities. With a remarkable Passmark rating of 5820, this processor provides ample power to ensure smooth operation, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial tasks.

Paired with Windows 11, these panel PCs offer an intuitive and efficient user experience. Windows 11's modern interface and enhanced features provide a familiar yet powerful platform for users across various industries. This combination of Intel's groundbreaking CPU and the latest Windows operating system guarantees optimal efficiency and functionality, enabling users to tackle industrial challenges with ease and precision.

Industry Application

From manufacturing to logistics and pharmaceuticals, these panel PCs excel in various demanding environments. Their rugged build, advanced features, and robust performance make them indispensable tools for optimizing tasks, ensuring efficiency, and facilitating seamless operations. Whether it is controlling machinery on a factory floor, managing inventory in a warehouse, or monitoring critical processes in pharmaceutical production, this series rises to the occasion. The TP-5945 Series is a dependable choice for industries requiring precision, reliability, and advanced technology.

Test out a TP-5945 Today!

The Touch Panel PC Series redefines industrial computing with its mountable design, powerful processor, and wide-ranging applications across industries. With these three key features at its core, this series stands as a symbol of innovation, efficiency, and practicality, setting new standards in industrial computing.

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