Medical Tablets

Teguar’s medical tablets are designed to simplify life in the healthcare environment. They make it easy for personnel to pull up a patient’s medical records or to see the real-time vitals and information from accident victims before they reach the hospital for treatment. These rugged and medical tablets are UL/EN 60601 certified and have an antibacterial coating to minimize bacteria growth. The touchscreen glass is stronger than that of consumer grade tablets, so they are better protected from drops while being handled. They have a fanless design for silent operation and are a perfect mobile solution for computing in the modern healthcare industry.

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  • 8" Medical Tablet PC | TMT-4391-08

    8" Medical Tablet PC | TMT-4391-08

    • 8” Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Glare, Scratch-Resistant Touch Screen
    • Efficient Intel Cherrytrail CPU
    • Removable Battery With 8+ Hour Run Time
    • Dual Operating System Option (Windows 10/Android 6.0)
    • 60601-1 4th Ed. Medically Certified
    • Antimicrobial Housing 
  • 12" Medical Tablet | TMT-4375-12

    12" Medical Tablet PC | TMT-4375-12

    • 12" Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
    • Intel Quad Core Atom CPU
    • WiFi 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.0
    • IP54 Dust and Waterproof Rated
    • UL/EN 60601 Medically Certified
    • Slim and Fanless Design

Anti-microbial Healthcare Tablet

Medical tablets are used by practitioners in hospital environments where the exposure to germs and bacteria is much higher than other devices. To prevent further bacteria growth, an anti-microbial coating or mixture is incorporated into the design so the mobile computer device does not become a mobile germ device.

Chemical Resistant & Waterproof

Sanitation is ongoing in the medical field and several of the cleaning chemicals used can be harsh to plastics and even metals. Without medical grade plastics and materials, over time degradation and cracking from the chemicals will appear on the tablet. This can be unsafe for nurses, doctors, and patients, as it exposes them to sharp edges. Teguar’s medical tablet computers are resistant to a variety of cleaning chemicals and have an IP-rated waterproof design so they can be sanitized with wipes, sprays, & liquids without concern of affecting the internal components.

Designed for Mobile Healthcare

Teguar medical tablets are designed to be compatible with a variety of mobile healthcare applications and environments. A crucial factor of a medical computing device is that it requires IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 certifications. Teguar healthcare tablets are up to date on this electronic safety certification.. Whether they are used with a medical tablet cart system, patient identification, electronic health records (EHR), remote patient monitoring, or Electronic Patient Care Reporting (EPCR), our healthcare tablets have options which meet your requirements. Added docking stations give clinicians the ability to connect tablet accessories and availability to mount tablets in multiple configurations. Teguar can tailor product designs to fit your application running customized or standard medical software.

Feature Rich Design and Secure for Healthcare Data

Medical computers transfer, collect, and share critical patient data so users need the best security authentication on wired and wireless networks. Teguar’s wide variety of medical tablet PCs and medical clinical assistant (MCA) designs have multiple embedded wireless technologies such as RFID/NFC, WLAN, WWAN, & Bluetooth to securely transfer data on all networks. Embedded TPM security along with Smart Card/Common Access ID cards (CAC) or HID Prox capable RFID for Imprivata Single sign-on (SSO), will provide users with options needed to keep all data secure. Other features such as biometric fingerprint readers, barcode scanners, and Magstripe Readers (MSR) are available on our tablet PCs to streamline clinical workflows.