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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Registered as ISO 9001:2015 Company for Quality Management System


Teguar Registered as ISO 9001:2015 Company for Quality Management System

Charlotte, NC - Teguar has recently updated from an ISO 9001:2008 company to become an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This represents a core business objective to demonstrate excellence in the computer hardware industry. The recertification is objective evidence of Teguar’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Achieving the recertification is the result of a continuous effort by all Teguar employees to follow tightly defined processes and focus on the customer. Compared to the 2008 ISO Standard, the 2015 ISO Standard broadens the view of the organization. Companies have to look past current work and consider long term risks. For Teguar, this includes the context of how business operates in the global market.

ISO registration was designed not for the companies who hold the certification, but for companies who want to reduce risk and be assured that vendors can deliver on their promises. Since Teguar Corporation is only 8 years old, it was important to demonstrate a continued and long-term commitment to customers through external validation that a high standard of quality management is adhered to every day.

The basic parts of ISO certification are composed of: documenting processes and then following those processes daily; asking for, understanding, and acting on customer feedback; and, when issues are found, looking for root causes and addressing them to drive continuous improvement. Specifically, ISO requires that organizations choose and track quality objectives through KPIs (key performance indicators) to validate the performance of their QMS (quality management system).

Since implementing an ISO 9001 QMS, Teguar has improved a quality objective of lowering 1-year product failure rate from 3% to 1.7% which is below Teguar’s goal of 2%. This is a significant achievement as 3% failure rate is the industry norm. Another quality objective is on time delivery, which is a measure of how often the ship date meets and initial commitment to the customer. This has risen from 70% to 94% since being a tracked KPIs measured by Teguar. Customers have a high degree of assurance that Teguar will deliver on exactly what is communicated to them.

Bryce Keeney, the Teguar Quality Management Officer commented that “One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining ISO certification is that in order to maintain ISO certification, Teguar must prove adept at both understanding the requirements of customers and meeting those requirements through our product portfolio. Having to define the processes that accomplishes this is challenging, but results in solid relationships with our customers.”

The ISO 9001:2015 registration lasts through July 30th, 2021 and must be maintained with annual external audits.