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Home Industrial Computers Industrial Touch Screen

Industrial touch screens are an essential part of any modern industrial facility, including manufacturing plants, processing facilities or any other rugged environment. Designed to excel in harsh environments, these monitors offer durability and performance tailored to industrial applications. Constructed with solid die-cast aluminum and thick touch screens, they are resilient against dust, dirt, debris, and rough handling by operators. Teguar goes the extra mile by providing waterproof stainless steel monitors for environments requiring resistance to high temperature, high-pressure water jets.

Two Industrial Touchscreen Options: Resistive and P-Capacitive

Teguar’s industrial touch screens support two types of touchscreens: Resistive and Projected Capacitive (P-cap). Opt for a resistive touchscreen for less demanding environments, or choose P-cap for harsher conditions, particularly where operators wear thick gloves. Both options feature flat bezels, ensuring easy cleaning and preventing build-up around the screen frame.

industrial touch screen

Industrial Display Screens | TD-40 Series

About the Series

The Industrial Display Screens series from Teguar comes in three different size options ranging from 12” - 22”. This low-cost display option gives users access to high-quality visuals without compromising on performance. Its innovative 2-piece modular design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, ensuring seamless integration into any workspace. Utilizing USB-C connectivity, it effortlessly harnesses video, power, and touch capabilities from the connected device, streamlining connectivity and reducing clutter. By being VESA mountable, it offers versatile placement options, adapting to diverse environments with ease. The TD-40 series redefines the standards of efficiency and convenience in display solutions.

Key Series Features
  • Screen Sizes ranging from 12” - 22”
  • 2-Piece Modular Design
  • VESA Mountable
  • USB and HDMI
  • Stand Accessory Available
3 Products in Series View the series
Industrial Display Screen Series TD-40

Industrial Display | TD-45 Series

About the Series

The TD-45 Industrial Display series is available in screen sizes from 7" - 21.5" and with PCap or resistive touchscreens. These monitors have IP66 rated front bezels, for protection from liquids and dust, they are constructed with solid die cast aluminum, and they have fanless cooling systems. The TD-45 Series has a wide range 9~36VDC power input or an optional AC-to-DC power supply. This series is available in various screen ratios and resolutions, and has the options for a 1000 nit high brightness LCD and optical bonding.

Key Series Features
  • 7" to 21.5" LCD Screen Sizes
  • Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure
  • Full Flat, IP66 Waterproof Front Panel
  • Wide Range DC 9~36V Power Input
10 Products in Series View the series
Four Teguar TD-45 Industrial monitors

The Teguar Difference

With a wide range of screen sizes from 7” to 22”, Teguar offers flexibility to match your specific requirements. Opt for a compact industrial touch screen to conserve space and power or choose a larger screen for enhanced visibility and ample screen real estate. Find the perfect balance between size and functionality for your project.


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The Teguar Difference

Teguar’s industrial touch screens support a variety of common video inputs, ensuring compatibility with any industrial box PC. HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, and VGA video inputs are all supported, along with multiple USB options including USB 2.0 Type B (touch), 3.0 Type-B (HUB), and M12 (waterproof) options, depending on the chosen model.

Need an embedded computer to complement your industrial touch screen? Teguar offers a range of embedded systems to meet your needs.

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The Teguar Difference

Featuring universally adaptable VESA mounting holes, Teguar’s industrial touch screens can be mounted virtually anywhere with a simple VESA arm attachment. Alternatively, they can be panel mounted for a watertight seal by cutting a precisely sized rectangular hole in any panel or wall. Even the "non-waterproof" varieties boast IP65-rated front bezels, ensuring resistance to water jets when correctly panel mounted.

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