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Home Knowledge Center Benefits of Adding Industrial HMI Panel PCs to Your Business

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Benefits of Adding Industrial HMI Panel PCs to Your Business

Screens are everywhere, or at least they seem to be multiplying at every corner, in every store, at the gas station, at the restaurant, at your house and at your office. In fact, there are currently 6 computer screens surrounding me as I write this. Two for contract number 1, two for contract number 2, one broken, and one personal device. It seems overkill, but it also enables a workflow that would not be possible with only one or two screens.   

Computers increasingly are becoming our interface with the world as a whole. With the rise of the metaverse, Iot, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Web 3 and quantum computing, the rate of human to screen interaction is growing. A study published in March of 2022 said the average American spends about 7 hours a day on a screen. So, why then do we need more screens at work? The reason is that computers help people do their jobs better. The below list details 5 specific benefits of adding industrial HMI panel PCs for more frequent computer to human interactions.   

HMI panel PCs enable human intelligence to combine with AI to produce superior decision making.

Businesses are at the intersection of machine intelligence and human capital. Having more human machine interface (HMI) panel PCs facilitates frequent and targeted interactions with sophisticated programming. This way, data from a machine can be merged with locational, sensory, or situational data gathered from humans. Bringing both types of intelligence together facilitates the most effective decisions. 

HMI panel PCs help keep safety a priority.

There is no substitute for having a warning system at the exact spot where danger exists. Industrial HMI panel PCs PCs located in areas where there are safety concerns can do many things to improve your safety metrics. Warnings can be displayed to prevent accidents or instruct workers on precautionary actions they need to take. Workers can also quickly control machinery if a shutdown is needed in the case of a malfunction. 

HMI panel PCs can help maintain business standards and increase productivity.

With the recent “great resignation” there has been unprecedented job turnover. This makes it difficult to maintain company knowledge and protocol adherence. Having an HMI with messaging about processes, company values, and work instructions provides a go-to-guide for new employees, contractors, and temporary workers. 

HMI panel PCs can gather more data.

If used correctly and gained strategically, more data is a good thing. Having more edge computers is like adding pylons of data on which you can build incredible businesses on. An HMI Panel PC can display data from sensors and machines while showing predictive trends. More data means more power to maneuver skillfully in your industry. 

HMI Panel PCs help your employees learn what is important and grow key metrics.

Humans have a much better visual memory and having visual aids can improve learning by 400 percent. This makes HMI panel PCs a powerful tool for communicating new concepts. If you want continuous growth in learning, create a visual interface of the concept you want growth in. A good visual UX interface on an HMI panel PC allows for fast absorption of massive amounts of information. Adding key metrics to visual dashboards will deliver the ability to focus employees on the most meaningful data. When industries take advantage of one of the best human learning capabilities, visual processing, they might discover new ways for people to solve site specific challenges.


While some may not be thrilled with the thought of even more screens it can bring a significant advantage. If used with purpose, HMI panel PCs are a tool to bring out higher human capabilities. User interfaces will improve in tandem as the field of human-computer interaction advances. Being set up with more screens and processing capabilities might just bring your business the competitive edge you are looking for.

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