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Home Knowledge Center Elevate your Industrial Computing: Teguar’s Panel PC Series

Product Announcements

Elevate your Industrial Computing: Teguar’s Panel PC Series

Teguar's panel PCs prove to be invaluable assets in demanding settings that require robust computing solutions. Marking a significant advancement, the latest addition to Teguar's lineup, the Panel PC Series, introduces a Celeron panel PC with the capabilities of Windows 11. This combination, comprised of cutting-edge hardware and software, is a game-changer that brings forth a new era of power and efficiency, redefining the landscape of industrial operations. This further solidifies Teguar's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology for rugged environments.

Flush Mount Panel PC TP-4845 Series

Designed to excel in industrial applications, this series seamlessly combines performance and resilience to redefine productivity in the manufacturing sector. This article discusses the key features of this series, such as processing power, operating system, and more.

Hardware & Software Fusion with Windows 11

Picture this: Teguar's Panel PC series, featuring the advanced Intel J6412 CPU and Celeron Elkhart Lake processor, meticulously engineered to withstand the harshest environments, now coupled with the sleek and intuitive interface of Windows 11. The result? A symphony of performance and usability that revolutionizes productivity. 

  • Optimized User Experience: Windows 11's streamlined interface aligns perfectly with the capabilities of Teguar's Panel PC series. The intuitive Start Menu, centered taskbar, and vibrant visuals create an experience that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also inherently user-friendly. Navigating through tasks, data, and applications becomes second nature, enhancing operational efficiency. 
  • Enhanced Multitasking: The new Snap Layouts and Snap Groups feature in Windows 11 allow users to effortlessly manage multiple applications on the expansive screen real estate of Teguar's Panel PC series. Imagine tracking data analytics, monitoring production lines, and conducting virtual meetings all at once, without missing a beat. 
  • Performance on Demand: Windows 11's optimization for modern hardware ensures that Teguar's Panel PC series can tap into its full potential. Whether running resource-intensive industrial applications or handling data-intensive tasks, the power of Windows 11 maximizes the efficiency of the panel PCs, resulting in faster data processing and reduced downtime. 
  • Seamless Connectivity: The enhanced connectivity features of Windows 11 complement Teguar's Panel PC series perfectly. These panel PCs equipped with Windows 11 can seamlessly integrate with IoT devices, share data across networks, and provide real-time insights to drive smart decision-making. 
  • Advanced Security: The fortified security features of Windows 11 provide a robust shield against cyber threats. For industrial environments where data integrity and system security are paramount, the combination of Teguar's Panel PC series, Windows 11, and the Intel J6412 CPU creates a resilient fortress that safeguards sensitive information. 

Connectivity and Durability

All eleven screen sizes of the Panel PC Series come equipped with integrated WiFi 6 capabilities. This technology is part of a new era of wireless communication, offering high-speed and dependable connectivity in demanding industrial settings. Real-time data exchange and remote monitoring are facilitated effortlessly.

8" Flush Mount Panel PC TP-4845-08 Back IO

This series’ durability comes from the robust aluminum die-cast housing. This housing not only safeguards internal components but also efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring sustained reliability even in the harshest environments. The full flush IP66 rated front bezel helps keep the inner components of the computer safe from dust and dirt.

Test out a TP-4845 Today!

In a world that demands both resilience and innovation, the Panel PC series stands tall as a testament to technological advancement. With Windows 11, WiFi 6 connectivity, and an array of features tailored for industrial needs, the TP-4845 is a great choice for your next industrial computer.

To learn more about the TP-4845, contact one of our product specialists today by calling +1 800 870 7715 or contacting us online.

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