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Home Knowledge Center Meet the Future of Manufacturing: Teguar’s TSI-5945 with Push-Button Interface

Product Announcements

Meet the Future of Manufacturing: Teguar’s TSI-5945 with Push-Button Interface

TSI-5945 Operator Interface Terminal

Imagine a world where your factory operations are more streamlined, efficient, and safer. That future is here with Teguar's new Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), a groundbreaking addition to our line of industrial computers. This terminal is the first in our lineup to feature push buttons on the front panel, a game-changer for manufacturing environments. This unit promises unparalleled performance with an 11th generation CPU and Windows 11 capability.  

Whether you are looking to improve productivity or enhance worker safety, the TSI-5945 has got you covered. Let's explore the unique features of this product, including its mounting options, button interface, and more. 

Mounting Options for Maximum Flexibility

One of the standout features of the TSI-5945 is its versatile mounting options. The swing arm mount is perfect for operators who need to frequently adjust their terminal's position. This mounting option allows for easy movement, offering flexibility in tight or crowded workspaces. It is ideal for assembly lines where tasks and viewing angles can change rapidly. 

For those who prefer a stationary setup, the pole mount offers a stable and secure option. This setup is excellent for areas with heavy machinery where a fixed position is preferable. The TSI-5945 is also compatible with Rittal mounts, making it easy to integrate into existing Rittal enclosures. This is particularly beneficial for factories already using Rittal solutions, as it allows for a seamless upgrade without the need for extensive modifications. 

User-Friendly Push Button Interface

The TSI-5945 features a unique push-button interface that simplifies operation and enhances safety. This terminal comes with five default buttons, each designed to streamline various functions and improve overall usability. It also includes an emergency stop (E-stop) button. This feature allows operators to quickly halt operations in case of an emergency, minimizing risks and ensuring a safer workplace. In addition to the default buttons, the terminal can be expanded with up to three additional buttons. 

TSI-5945 Push Button Computer

Teguar’s Operator Interface Terminal series is more than just a computer; it is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique challenges of modern manufacturing.  

Ready to take your factory to the next level? If you are interested in learning more about the TSI-5945, contact one of our product specialists today by calling + 1 866 943 5294 or contacting us online.  

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