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Home Fanless Medical PC | TM-7110 Series

Fanless Medical PC | TM-7110 Series

Fanless Medical PC Series

About the Series

The Fanless Medical PC represents advancement in healthcare technology. Powered by an Intel 12th Generation CPU and equipped with Windows 11, it seamlessly integrates into the modern medical environment. With screen sizes options of 22” and 24”, it caters to diverse clinical needs, ensuring optimal patient care. Both screen sizes boast a built-in PSU for streamlined operation. Its medical certification guarantees the highest standard of safety and performance, while the inclusion of function keys enhances usability. For enhanced durability and hygiene, the larger screen sizes come with die-cast housing and an IP65 waterproof rating, making it an invaluable tool in healthcare settings.

Key Series Features

  • 22” and 24” Touchscreen Sizes
  • Intel 12th Generation CPU, Passmark 24599
  • Supports Intel vPro Hardware Security
  • Windows 11 Compatible
  • Function Keys on Front Bezel
  • Medically 60601 Certified
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Series Features

12th Generation Processor

The Fanless Medical PC series is powered by the 12th Generation Intel processor, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability. This advanced CPU enables seamless multitasking and faster data processing, making it an ideal choice for demanding medical applications. Its power-efficient design also contributes to a cooler and quieter operation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Windows 11

This series runs on Windows 11, offering a secure and user-friendly operating system for healthcare professionals. Windows 11 provides a modern and intuitive interface, improved security features, and seamless compatibility with medical software, ensuring a productive and dependable computing experience in clinical environments.

TM-7110 Windows 11
Medically Certified

The Fanless Medical PC series boasts a prestigious 60601 medical certification, guaranteeing compliance with the rigorous safety and performance standards required for medical devices. This certification ensures that the PCs are well-suited for use in healthcare settings, providing reliability and accuracy in critical medical applications.

Built in Power Supply Unit

This series features the convenience of a built-in PSU (Power Supply Unit). This integrated power source streamlines the setup and eliminates the need for an external power supply, ensuring a neater and more efficient solution for healthcare professionals using these larger screen sizes.

Durable Housing

In the series, the 22" and 24" models provide exceptional durability through die-cast housing, guaranteeing robust protection for essential medical applications. Their IP65 waterproof rating enhances reliability by safeguarding against moisture and contaminants, making these models ideal for healthcare environments where hygiene and resilience are paramount.

Function Keys

The Fanless Medical PC series provides convenient and user-friendly functionality through a set of dedicated function keys. These keys include Battery LED Indicator, Power, Menu/Exit, Brightness, Video-In, LCD On/Off, Clean Me, and Programmable Function, allowing for quick and precise control of essential functions in healthcare environments.


Products in this Series

Model TM-7110-22

22" Fanless Medical PC

  • 22” Touchscreen Size
  • Intel 12th Generation CPU, passmark 24599
  • Windows 11 Compatible
Model TM-7110-24

24" Fanless Medical PC

  • 24” Touchscreen Size
  • Intel 12th Generation CPU, Passmark 24599
  • Windows 11 Compatible

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