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Home Fanless All In One Computers | TA-5940 Series

Fanless All In One Computers | TA-5940 Series

Modularity and variety of the TEGUAR TA-5940 Series

About the Series

The TA-5940 All-in-One Computers have expansion options on all four sides and a removable box PC on the back, for easy maintenance and upgrades. Add-on modules connect to the computer and integrate seamlessly, for a sleek, modern look. Modules include 3-Track MSR Fingerprint Reader, RFID Reader, 2D Barcode Scanner, 5MP Camera with microphone, and Verifone® VX820 or Ingenico payment terminals. These computers have full HD displays and responsive PCAP touchscreens, making them great for POS and kiosk applications. This series also has many mounting options, including a POS stand, printer stand, floor stand, and virtually any type of stand or arm via the VESA mounting hole pattern.

*Note: the 11.6” does not have a removable box PC

Key Series Features

  • Touchscreen Sizes of 11.6", 15.6", 18.5", 21.5"
  • Intel 11thh Gen Tigerlake Core-i
  • Options for Expansion and Accessories
  • Modular Design with Removable Box PC
  • Various Mounting Stands Available
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Series Features

Windows or Linux Operating System

The TA-5940 series runs on an Intel 11th Gen Tigerlake CPU with i3 or i5 CPU options to meet your performance requirements. It can run Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows 11, or the Linux Operating System allowing to connect with a variety of systems in the market. Linux is desirable for many kiosk mode or proprietary applications or allows easy access for developing your own software application, unique to your business.

Removable Box PC

The TA-5940 Series (excluding the TA-5940-12) uniquely combines a box PC and display, with an area on the back of the touchscreen that holds the box PC in place. The removable box PC allows for easier serviceability and future upgrades without having to change the LCD. If you wanted to swap your entire deployment of computers from Windows to Android, this is possible. This design is useful for public-facing applications, such as a self-service kiosk or POS system, because if a user damages the touchscreen, it can be more easily replaced or repaired.

Modular Computer with removable box PC on the back
Various Mounting Options

These computers have several options for mounting, including a desktop stand, floor stand, POS stand, printer, and Verifone or Ingenico payment terminals. The VESA 75 x 75 and VESA 100 x 100 mounting holes can be used to mount these PCs onto virtually any stand, ergonomic arm, or cart. They can be mounted portrait or landscape, to suite various kiosk and POS software.

Fanless Cooling System

The TA-5940 has a fanless cooling system, which is ideal in dusty environments or environments where you are serving food. Computer fans can clog with dust or debris, which leads to computer hardware failure. They can also push around dust, which is undesirable for a food kiosks and restaurant POS systems.

Teguar's TA Series shown mounted in various different ways
Modular Design and Optional Peripherals

You can customize this computer to be just what you need, with options for integrated peripherals on all four sides. Peripherals include MSR, Camera, RFID, Biometric modules, and Barcode scanner. This design is convenient and will look great, as it eliminates dangling cables and extra devices and even has a compact secure area to add various thermal printers.

True-Flat Front Bezel

The front bezel of the TA-5940 is full flat, meaning there are no edges or crevices around the perimeter of the unit where dust, dirt and debris often build up. The front of these units are also IP54 rated, for protection against water splashes. This makes it easy to spray and clean frequently.

Five attachments for the TA-5940 computer labeled
Feature Rich I/O Ports

These computers have up to 6x USB ports, with two of them being USB Type C, 2x Powered DB9 RS232 ports, GigaLAN for fast Ethernet, and even 1x RJ11 port for cash drawer systems. The TA-5940 Series also includes a proprietary Video output connector to connect an external display from Teguar with a single cable to provide video, power, USB for touch, and even Audio.

Android or Windows

See the sister to the TA-5940 Series, the TA-Q5340 Series. The TA-Q5340 Series computers run on a Qualcomm ARM CPU, giving you the ability to run a variety of applications.

See the TA-Q5340 Series >

TA Series IOs

Products in this Series

Model TA-5940-12

12" Fanless Touch Computer

  • 11.6” LED with PCAP Touchscreen
  • Intel 11th Gen Tigerlake CPU
  • Slim, Durable Housing, Small form factor
Model TA-5940-16

16” All-in-One Touch Kiosk

  • 15.6” HD Display with PCAP Touchscreen
  • Intel 11th Gen Tigerlake CPU
  • Modular and Expandable Design
Model TA-5940-18

18” Commercial Touch Computer

  • 18.5” PCap Touchscreen
  • Intel 11th Gen Tigerlake CPU
  • Modular Design with Removable Box PC
Model TA-5940-22

22” Light Industrial Computer

  • 21.5” LED Panel Touchscreen
  • Intel 11th Gen Tigerlake CPU
  • Customizable, Modular, Expandable

Series Reviews

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