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Customized Off-the-Shelf Medical Computers Take on Unique Applications

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Medical OEM design teams see a problem and dream of a solution. When making that dream a reality requires a PC or tablet, what do you worry about? Can you make a device work that is not quite what you need? Is a consumer-grade robust enough for the task? Modifying a proven medical-grade device for your specific, specialized needs eliminates those concerns.

Medical-grade computers perform in harsh, demanding environments. They offer long-lasting durability for uninterrupted, reliable results. Teguar product specialists customize our off-the-shelf medical computers and tablets to our partners’ specs, creating devices that do exactly what they need them to.

How we build custom medical PCs and tablets

Our products and services fall into three scenarios: off-the-shelf units, modifying those products to customers’ requirements, or complete ground-up development. Teguar's medical computers are powerful solutions that can withstand hours of vigorous usage without customization. However, some applications have unique needs that can be addressed by customizing an off-the-shelf product.

The devices we customize perform complex, highly specialized medical functions, but our team makes sure developing them is straightforward for our customers. We work closely with our partner’s experts to meet all their requirements. That starts with thoroughly understanding the project’s scope and identifying the customer’s expectations, timelines, and the required resources.

22" medical computer side angle | TM-5957-22

Our skilled product managers and product design specialists are deployed to modify the device based on the customer’s specific requests. This collaborative group works with our partner’s team throughout the process. A project’s success relies on logistics, too - lead times, inventory levels, and product availability.

Since medical products must be supported for five to seven years, selecting the right components from the right suppliers is critical. OEMs do not want to re-clear a product with the FDA because an approved component becomes unavailable.

LIvaNova’s customized medical all-in-one PC

Product: TME-5040-22

LivaNova needed the right monitor for their state-of-the-art Essenz Perfusion System, and we knew we could build it. The system takes over a patient’s respiration and blood circulation during surgery. It is crucial that the monitor provides continuous data on one centralized screen that can be configured to always show the key parameters. Teguar’s medical, all-in-one computer (TME-5040-22) met all necessary medical certifications for the project, and the 21.5" HD widescreen can display all patient vitals.

What we customized for LivaNova:

  • Upgraded membrane power switch to stainless steel
  • Increased IP rating to IPX1 (sufficient for regular washdowns)
  • Added isolated I/O parts
  • Applied anti-glare coating to screen
  • Reduced hot-swappable batteries from three to two
  • Created custom function keys, housing color, logo on touchscreen, labels, and packaging

Storz Medical’s customized medical tablet and dock

Product: TMT-Q7C80-10S

Storz Medical develops innovative high-precision shock wave systems and devices that set new treatment standards. Their products have long been used in urological procedures, and now, this noninvasive technology benefits patients being treated in other medical disciplines. We modified one of our medical tablets (TMT-Q7C80) and docks to meet Storz Medical’s specific requirements.

What we customized for Storz Medical:

  • Added custom touchscreen
  • Included unique BIOS/boot logo
  • Adapted accessories (cables)
  • Removed I/Os from the docking station
  • Created custom tablet and dock color, labels, and packaging

The best medical computers for any application

Teguar’s powerful, efficient, and reliable medical-grade computers and tablets play a vital role in turning customers’ healthcare technology concepts into a reality. Our collection of medical computers supports all applications—telemedicine, medical cart computing, HER, administrative tasks and more.

From medical all-in-one touchscreen computers to fanless medical computers to medical tablets, Teguar's designs are elegant and rugged. Our meticulous QA process, on-site support, and exceptional service make Teguar the right partner. Put our agility, expertise, and passion to work for you.

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