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Home Healthcare PC | TM-5040 Series

Healthcare PC | TM-5040 Series

Teguar TM-5040 series of industrial computers

About the Series

The TM-5040 Series of medical computers is available in screen sizes of 15.6”, 18.5", and 21.5". These computers run on a Skylake Celeron / Core i5 dual-core processor and have fanless cooling. These computers have abundant IOs for connectivity to scanners, printers and your other medical devices. The option for isolated RS232, LAN and USB is also available. This TM-5040 Series has durable aluminum housing with anti-bacterial properties to stop the growth of germs and waterproof front touchscreens for easy cleaning. Each computer is IEC 60601-1 4th Edition medically certified, for the highest level of patient safety.

Key Series Features

  • 15.6" - 21.5" True-Flat IP65 Touchscreens
  • Intel Skylake Celeron/Core i5 CPU
  • IEC 60601-1 4th Edition Medical Certification
  • Anti-bacterial Aluminum Housing
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Series Features

Medically Certified Device

The TM-5040 series is IEC 60601-1 4th edition medically certified, indicating that this computer can be safely operated in a medical environment without fear that the unit will interfere with nearby electronic equipment. To protect patients and healthcare staff from the spread of dangerous germs, the housing is manufactured with anti-bacterial properties.

Powerful Processing & Fanless Cooling

Choose from either Celeron or i5-6300U dual-core Skylake CPU for powerful performance. Utilizing an advanced fanless cooling system, these units operate without the need for a cooling fan; thus protecting internal components from dust build-up and lowering ambient noise and vibration created by the PC.

Front and back views of the Teguar TM-5040 medical monitor
Widescreen Touch Display

The front bezel of these computers carry an IP65 ingress protection rating to protect internal components from dust and water. This series utilizes smooth projected capacitive touchscreen technology.

Wide Selection of Input/Output Ports

These impressive healthcare computers come with a variety of I/O ports for exceptional communication potential. The standard HDMI port can be utilized for multi-display support. Also available are a optional RS232, LAN and USB ports with 4KV isolation.

Teguar TM-5040 computer inputs and outputs plus a sponge cleaning the touchscreen
Expandable Functionality

In addition to the wide selection of I/O ports available on these units, further expansion options exist including, WiFi, Bluetooth, MSR, and an optional expansion module that includes RFID, SCR, and/or 2D barcode scanner.

TM-5040 expansion

Products in this Series

Model TM-5040-16

15.6" Medical Computer

  • 15.6" True Flat IP65 Protected Touchscreen
  • Intel Skylake Celeron/Core i5 CPU
  • Isolated RS232, LAN and USB Available
Model TM-5040-18

18.5" Medical Computer

  • 18.5" True Flat IP65 Protected Touchscreen
  • Intel Skylake Celeron/i5 Dual-core CPU
  • Isolated RS232, LAN and USB Available
Model TM-5040-22

22" Medical All-in-One PC

  • 21.5" True Flat IP54 Protected Touchscreen
  • Intel Skylake Celeron/Core i5 CPU
  • Isolated RS232, LAN and USB Available

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