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Home Knowledge Center 7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Rugged Tablet for Your Business 

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7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Rugged Tablet for Your Business 

Rugged tablet in the solar panel industry

As businesses increasingly rely on mobile technology to streamline operations and enhance productivity, the demand for rugged tablets has surged. These specialized devices withstand harsh environments and provide optimal performance in various industries, from field service and logistics to healthcare and manufacturing. 

However, choosing the right rugged tablet for your business can be a daunting task, given the wide range of options available in the market. In this article, we will explore the crucial factors that you should consider when purchasing a rugged tablet for your business.  

From durability and performance to software compatibility and support, understanding these factors will enable you to make an informed decision and select a rugged tablet that aligns with your specific requirements. By investing in the right rugged tablet, you can equip your workforce with a reliable tool that enhances efficiency, withstands challenging conditions, and drives success in your industry. 

Durability and Design

Overview of Rugged Tablet Construction and Materials 

Rugged tablets stand out with their use of advanced construction materials. From magnesium alloy frames to reinforced plastics, these materials not only contribute to the tablet's robustness but also ensure a lightweight design suitable for prolonged usage in demanding work environments. 

Considerations for Environmental Durability 

Beyond the external materials, environmental durability is paramount. A rugged tablet should ideally boast an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of at least IP65, signifying resistance to water and dust. MIL-STD-810G certification ensures shock resistance, an essential feature for industries like construction and manufacturing. 

Ergonomics and User-Friendly Design 

A seamless user experience is achieved through thoughtful ergonomics and user-friendly design. Intuitive controls, strategically placed buttons, and comfortable grips enhance usability, even in conditions where manual dexterity may be compromised. 

Performance and Hardware

Processor Power and Speed Requirements 

Different industries demand varying levels of processing power. Assess your business applications and choose a rugged tablet with a processor capable of handling the specific demands of your critical applications efficiently. 

RAM and Storage Capacity Considerations 

Seamless multitasking and data storage hinge on adequate RAM and storage capacity. Ensuring that the tablet meets your storage needs and has sufficient RAM guarantees optimal performance. 

Battery Life and Power Management Features 

Extended battery life is imperative for fieldwork. Look for tablets equipped with long-lasting batteries and efficient power management features, enabling your workforce to remain productive throughout the day. 

Connectivity Options 

Seamless integration with existing systems relies on robust connectivity options. Evaluate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities to ensure the tablet can adapt to the connectivity requirements of your business. 

Display and Touchscreen 

Screen Size and Resolution 

The visual experience is a critical aspect of rugged tablets. Consider the screen size and resolution based on your business needs, ensuring the display provides clear and detailed visuals. 

Outdoor-Readable Displays 

For outdoor use, sunlight-readable displays are indispensable. These displays guarantee visibility even in bright sunlight, crucial for industries where tablets are frequently used outdoors. 

Touchscreen Technology 

Choose between capacitive or resistive touchscreen technology based on specific business needs. Capacitive screens offer better touch sensitivity, while resistive screens are more durable and can be operated with gloves. 

Protective Coatings 

Consider tablets with protective coatings like Gorilla Glass for added durability. These coatings protect the screen from scratches and impact, extending the life of the device. 

Software and Operating System

Compatibility with Industry-Specific Software 

Compatibility with industry-specific software and applications is non-negotiable. Ensure the tablet seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and supports the software crucial for your business operations. 

Security Features 

Data security is paramount in the digital age. Look for tablets with robust security features, such as biometric authentication, device encryption, and secure boot processes, to safeguard sensitive information. 

Software Updates and Support 

Regular software updates are crucial for improved performance and security. Opt for a tablet from a manufacturer that provides ongoing support, ensuring your device stays up to date with the latest features and security patches. 

Operating Systems 

Operating system options play a pivotal role in ensuring compatibility with industry-specific software on your tablet. Windows and Android are two prominent choices, each catering to different needs. Windows, with its long-standing reputation in the business world, offers a wide range of software compatibility, making it suitable for various industries. Android provides flexibility and is widely adopted for its user-friendly interface and extensive app ecosystem. When choosing an operating system, consider the specific software requirements of your industry and opt for a tablet that aligns seamlessly with your needs.  

Connectivity and Communication 

Wireless Network Compatibility 

Evaluate wireless network compatibility, including Wi-Fi standards and cellular networks. GPS capabilities are crucial for location tracking and mapping, making the tablet suitable for navigation in various industries. 

10" heavy duty tablet inputs and outputs labeled diagram

Peripheral Device Connectivity 

Check for USB, HDMI, and other ports for peripheral device connectivity. Ensure compatibility with external accessories, such as barcode scanners and RFID readers, to expand the tablet's functionality.

Support and Maintenance 

Warranty Coverage and Support Options 

Mitigate risks by considering warranty coverage and extended support options. Availability of spare parts and repair services is crucial for minimizing downtime in case of hardware issues. 

Software Updates and Patches 

Regular software updates and patches contribute to improved performance and security. Choose a tablet with strong manufacturer support to ensure your device remains reliable and secure. 

User Resources 

Explore user forums, documentation, and training resources provided by the manufacturer. Access to these resources can be invaluable for troubleshooting, skill development, and maximizing the tablet's capabilities. 

Budget and Total Cost of Ownership 

Initial Purchase vs. Long-Term Value 

While the initial purchase price is a significant consideration, balance it against the long-term value and return on investment. A slightly higher upfront cost may be justified by the tablet's durability and extended lifespan. 

Additional Costs 

Factor in additional costs such as rugged tablet accessories, software licenses, and maintenance when calculating the total cost of ownership. This comprehensive approach ensures a more accurate assessment of your investment. 

Teguar’s Enhanced Services

In considering the total cost of ownership, Teguar's offers a Deluxe Warranty with substantial advantages. With locked-in repair pricing, it ensures a 25% lower expected annual cost compared to standard warranties, leading to annual savings exceeding $850 per tablet. This warranty shields businesses from the impact of rising repair costs, which have surged by 24% in the past three years. Choosing Teguar's enhanced services, such as the Deluxe Warranty, not only provides financial predictability but also enhances the tablet's long-term value, making it a strategic and cost-effective investment for businesses. 

Should you Purchase a Rugged Tablet? 

Buying a rugged tablet necessitates a meticulous examination of various factors. Recap the key considerations, emphasizing the importance of conducting thorough research and evaluating specific business needs. The long-term benefits of investing in a durable and reliable rugged tablet are immense, providing your workforce with a tool that not only withstands challenging conditions but also enhances overall efficiency and productivity. 

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